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Internship Experience @ HSB Partners, Chennai: Due Diligence Work, 5K Stipend

By: The Admin | November 17, 2015


Name of Organisation, Location

HSB Partners, Advocates, Teynampet, Chennai.

Team Strength

3 partners and about 30 associates

Application Process

I applied directly via e-mail as my college does not do internship placements.

Replies are quite prompt.

You have to choose one partner of the three and apply to them specifically.

I chose Mr. Srinath Sridevan who does Debt Recovery, Arbitrations, Due Diligences, and a lot of other litigation.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned from January 30th to March 15th the first time around.

I interned alongside college, so it was part-time; I would go after college at around 2, and stay till about 7 in the evening.

Generally it is 6 days a week; 10 AM to 6 PM. Saturday timings are from 10.30 to whenever you finish your work.

I also was offered a chance to extend my internship, so I went back in August this year for 2 months.

This time around my college timings were different, so I went to office in the morning from 9.30 am to 2 pm.

HSB Partners can be very flexible with internships, but I am not sure if that is particularly for students who live in the city.

One of the other interns was interning with them for over a year as a part-timer.

The timings are not very strict, but I am personally particular about sticking to the same.

Punctuality also means more time to spend with the partners as they are quite busy, and catching them before they go to court is the best bet to get your work for the day.


I need to have a separate section to describe the office.

Located on Anna Salai at the 9th floor of the building, this is quite a fancy office.

My breaks from staring at papers or at the computer often involved day-dreaming by looking out of the windows at the Metro work and the traffic on Mount Road.

The 3 partners have their separate rooms, and all the associates sit together, irrespective of the team they work with, in a large room with cubicles.

Interns at HSB Partners, Chennai are also given a cubicle and most of the time a system, though sometimes there is a shortage of computers and interns may be required to bring their own laptops.

There are also 4 conference rooms, and when they are free anyone can go and sit there to do work which requires minimum distraction.

These rooms also double up as libraries and most of the books that one will need are always available.

The rooms have LAN and plug points so connectivity is not an issue.

There is also a pantry where everyone goes for lunch, but because it is a little small lunch generally happens in batches.


The office is near the Teynampet signal on Anna Salai and is extremely approachable by public transport.

The bus stop is right outside the office and though buses are crowded during peak hours, they are cheap and frequent.


Since I live in Chennai I was going to office from home.

There were other interns who had taken up Paying Guest accommodations.

Some of the associates also take up PGs, so one can even get in touch with them to find out about staying in Chennai.

Work and Main Tasks

An internship at HSB, just like an internship at other places is what you make of it.

You can be sedentary, inactive, not take initiative, or you can be proactive, ask for work and complete the work assigned.

I did the latter and it was immensely rewarding.

In the 4 months that I was at HSB I worked on various matters ranging from Sexual Harassment to Due Diligence.

Depending on what you’re interested in, Srinath Sir will allot you work.

He likes to spend time with his interns and does not forget to appreciate good work.

I remember working on the Sexual Harassment Act, where Srinath Sir, an Associate and I discussed various possible situations that could arise under the Act with examples.

In his examples, I got sexually harassed several times by people ranging from a watchman to a hypothetical boyfriend in Australia, but by the end of it, I was thorough with the scheme of the Act.

I also worked on various Arbitration matters and attended one hearing of the same.

He allowed me to do research and submit opinions on various issues including applicability of Right To Information to Public PrivatePartnerships, validity of e-auctions, issues under Industrial Disputes Act etc.

I also did a lot of Due diligence work on both property and company.

Work Environment

The HSB Partners, Chennai office functions as 3 teams under the 3 partners.

Generally the associates of a particular partner give work only to the interns under the same partner.

However, if you aren’t working on anything from your own team, you are allowed to take work from the others.

The environment at the office is extremely comfortable for an intern.

Nobody in the office makes you feel like you are unimportant.

The associates are a really young and fun bunch.

Though they may not come forward to talk to you first, a little effort can get you some friends here.

You can be sure that every morning the subject of discussion will most surely be the trending videos and photos from Facebook.

At around 12 everyday someone will loudly announce that they are ordering lunch.

Once in a while the entire office goes out to eat.

Overall, the work environment is great.

Whenever you have doubts there is someone available to clear them.

The Partners are approachable.

Whenever I did not have work from any of the associates I was at liberty to go directly to Srinath sir and ask for work.

He encourages original work and allows you to participate in discussions.

In the course of my internship there were many other interns from Jindal, NLU-Delhi, Delhi University and one from my own college.

There were all in different teams, and we only met during lunch.


Yes, it is usually Rs. 5000 per month.

Best Things

I think the best thing about my internship was being able to interact with Srinath Sir directly.

There is a lot to learn from these interactions and a lot to take back home.

The office atmosphere at HSB Partners, Chennai is also a big plus.

There isn’t too much pressure, neither is it too boring.

The kind of work allotted is also a big positive.

If you don’t like the work you’re doing, you’re at liberty to ask for something different.

If you are interested in going to court, that is also encouraged.

Another thing I notice is that no one judges you based on the institution you come from, and for me this is a welcome change.

There is no necessity that to be given good work you need to be from a National Law School; you are judged purely on how you work and your grip on the subject.

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