Internship Experience @ Human Rights Law Network, Ranchi: Research Work, Good Location

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Shubhi Pandey, School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore.

Name of Organization

Human Rights Law Netwrok (HRLN) is a legal NGO.

It has offices all over India.

I had interned at their Ranchi office during April- May for a period of 4 weeks after my second semester.

Application Procedure

To apply, click HERE.

You basically need to fill up a form for applying and then attach the form along with your CV and mail it to the concerned person.

Mr. Ahmed Raza, who is an advocate in the Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi, was the Supervisor at HRLN, Ranchi.


10 am – 5 pm. Saturdays used to half days.

First impression

I was quite nervous on my first day of internship.

I was excited too.

The people in the office were welcoming and made all the interns comfortable.

There was not much work on the first day.


The work which I got was mainly research based.

I was also given a lot of drafting work.

I got to work with advocates there and helped them in drafting various documents.

The interns regularly visited the High Court of Jharkhand with the advocates.


The office was situated in Harmu area in one of the MIG Flats.

The office was quite decent. There were various advocates working there.

A separate room was provided for the interns and there were interns from other colleges too.

The people there were welcoming and interacting with them was never a problem.


Since I belong to Ranchi so accommodation was not a problem for me.

I used to go the office daily from my home.

There are various PG’s nearby where interns could put up while their internship here.



Good things about the internship

It was a learning experience.

The work which the interns are given here is very helpful and it actually improves the research skills and drafting skills.

This place is totally recommended for those students who want to learn a lot and pursue a career in this field.

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