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Internship@ HRLN (Human Rights Law Network) Bhopal

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By Anonymous

Place: Human Rights Law Network, Bhopal

Duration: 4 Weeks (as a first year law student)

Procedure for application: Applied through mail and gave a write-up.

Accommodation Logistics: I reside in Bhopal, but for non-residents,there are many pg’s available nearby. Bhopal is a safe and calm place.

Type of Cases: It basically focused on social work, there were very few legal cases, mainly regarding family law. However , case related work was not given to interns.

Office: They have a very good collection of reading material, mostly published by HRLN. It is handled by advocates who have their own practice as well. During my internship, workshops and symposiums were organised, and we were asked to attend and make a report. Apart from this, there was some clerical work like calling and inviting people for the conference.

Working Environment: The working environment was free and co-operative and the intern was given complete freedom to choose a topic of his/her own interest and make a project related to it, (which could be theoretical or practical or survey based) and can access their library for the same.

However, the office was very small and not properly located, and very few people came with their grievances. Also there were no field visits, and could not learn much on the legal front as their was very less legal work.

Overall Rating: Its an easygoing internship, suggested for first years, but not worth it for students who want to learn law related work.

Editor’s note: Please see that the internship experience is for HRLN, Bhopal. Do send in your internship experiences at HRLN’s other offices. Should be of help to a lot many 1st year law students in India.

To know about HRLN, New Delhi click here and for HRLN, Kolkata click here.

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