Internship Experience @ HRLN, Allahabad: Learnt to file PIL

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Arushi Bajpai

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

HRLN, Allahabad, 10

Application Process

I applied over there by contacting the Internship Coordinator along with a CV and an essay on any topic of Human Rights. A form was given to me which was to be filled up and submit there itself. The form is also available on HRLN official website on the first day of internship.

Duration of internship and timings

1st June, 2013- 30th June, 2013

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Undoubtedly and without any second thought, when it comes to HRLN,Allahabad my quick reaction is “awesome” yes it was really an amazing experience, there was a huge team of interns, I was fitted in a group which had students from different colleges.

I also had my best friend there so I was not at all nervous and also every one was really cooperating, especially the head of HRLN, Shri KK Roy, who is also an advocate in Allahabad High Court of Judicature and a Human Right activist.

As I was new, he thoroughly introduced me to the field of human rights. The Coordinator of Interns Ms. Smriti Kartikey helped me a lot to understand the case. Everyone is really cooperating over there. There is pack of intelligent and hard working people at HRLN, Allahabad.

Infrastructure is also good, a bit small but it doesn’t matter because all you have is emperical work and less of office work.

Main tasks

Going to different places and doing empirical research, making report , drafting PIL. I was given a case on women’s security in government and non government organisations. We held a field survey of many government and non government organisations. We as a team of 10 students from different university surveyed about 10 organisations.

After that we prepared a report and drafted a PIL on the same issue and the best part was I was the one who actually pleaded in person in front of Justice Sudhir Agrawal.

After that I was given a new case on wastage of food grains at Cheoki(Nani) Village, Allahabad and again PIL was in my name and I pleaded for it in person.

Work environment and people

The team which I got at HRLN was really nice, every one was very much devoted to the cause of human right violation. The Coordinator was present there to help us at every step. The head of HRLN, Allahabad helped us a lot with the research. He is best head I must say very cool and he had very charismatic personality.

I have enjoyed a lot at HRLN, Allahabad. We use to party every random day after the work. They taught drafting, how to perform a good and quick research work. I must say people at HRLN are wonderful, everyone present there treated us as friends.

Best things

I got an opportunity to plead in front of the Justice Sudhir Agrawal, at such a young age. Standing in the court and pleading in person was such an amazing experience, standing in front of so many advocates.

Media coverage – After working successfully on a highlighted case every time, we got too much of media coverage.

Bad things

No, I don’t think there were any bad things in HRLN, Allahabad. the only bad thing could be tough competition for filing PIL in their name.


Interns do not get any stipend from HRLN, Allahabad, it is a voluntary internship.

Biggest Lessons

It has taught me a lot about my profession in a very practical manner.

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