Internship Experience @ Hon’ble Justice Vikram Nath, Allahabad High Court: A Place to Learn, Learn and Learn

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Pragya, Faculty of law, University of Allahabad, 3rd year

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High Court of Judicature at Allahabad under Hon’ble Justice Vikram Nath, Allahabad Bench, Allahabad, normally 2-3 interns under one judge.

Application Process

One can apply with a letter addressed to the Registrar-General, High Court of Judicature of Allahabad (whose office is within the Court Premises) with a permission letter from his/her educational institution.

This letter is forwarded to the Joint Registrar Inspection who after verification of one’s institution forwards the application to the Hon’ble Chief Justice who assigns the intern to the Hon’ble Judges. This ideally takes a week’s time.

Alternatively one can take a prior permission from the Hon’ble Justice (if possible) under whom one wishes to intern and send the application from there itself. In this the Registrar General’s Office merely confirms the internship and one can start straightaway.

Duration of internship and timings

27th June – 8th July, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Interning under a Judge is in itself a big thing. The usual formalities of the application made us walk around a lot in the Court premises but it was worth the while.

I had extended my internship under Hon’ble Mr. Justice Vikram Nath Sir with his prior permission. He is very sweet and willing to teach and answer all your queries.

The High Court of Allahabad is a beautiful archaic building.

The Judge’s library of Allahabad High Court is the best library I have ever seen and its the place where you can see why it is not possible to know all the law however its one rich place with a lot of jewels of wisdom. Remember, I am comparing with the extensive library of Faculty of Law, University of Allahabad which is in itself a rich place.

So my first impression of the place was that of grandeur and my own humbleness in the temple of justice that Allahabad High Court has over the last 150 years symbolized.

Main tasks

The Judge might ask you to research a particular topic and provide him with the researched leading cases. The researches are the best way of learning. The Judge’s Library is open to you with all its resources and access to all journal off and online. Make the best use of it. What I learnt there has made me understand the concepts of evidence in theory back in College.

The Court Proceedings should be witnessed with much interest for the same reason the practical application, other than court etiquettes and master oratory skills, makes you understand the theory better.

There is no other specific work as such except reading judgements and orders occasionally.

In short its a place to learn, learn and learn. The place is so full of knowledge that you might just get a splash of it from the conversation of two advocates while walking down the alley.

Work environment and people

Other than the Hon’ble Judges whose mere presence is an education in itself. The High Court has thousands of Advocates at the bar. Not all are good and expecting so would be impractical. But those who are, are a treat to the ears with their oratory, arguments and knowledge of law keeping you spellbound and proud that you chose the right profession.

The usual air is that of business with people generally helpful to the interns.

The library staff is also very helpful otherwise it would have been impossible for me to find out the right place in that labyrinth of knowledge.

The law clerks working under the judges are also very supportive and same can be said about the Hon’ble judge’s other staff in general.

Best things

Best thing that its a High Court Judge you get to intern under with the legacy of Allahabad High Court playing a crescendo in the background.

All that you experience even if do not work at all is worth the time.

The library is one of the best things.

Plus the certificate has much weight.

Bad things

The formalities might take time (and lot of walking around) and that can irritate us the fast moving generation. Other than that the internship has no cons as such.

What you witness at the Court can be emotionally disturbing to a few: The state of crimes can be disturbing, the sheer amount of cases is at times confirms the idea of more law and less justice. You cannot close your eyes to reality and your not knowing about it won’t help either.



Biggest Lessons

Realities are disturbing but you must accept them to change them. Allahabad has one of the Highest number of pending cases but there are reasons to it. We must not criticize before we understand.

What I learnt at this internship is that patience is the only key to the door through which peace enters whether in personal life or in the society. A particular order might look harsh at the face of it but if you see the reasons for the same you can appreciate that this was the best solution possible to the given case at a given time.

Justice delayed is justice denied is something that has been in my psyche but after the internship and seeing the patient working of the judicial machinery from the other side, I can appreciate the second portion of it. Justice hurried, is more often than not, justice buried.

Any Other Thing

One should do this internship to know what happens behind the bench to appreciate the role of the people who have an “Hon’ble” prefixed to their name.

Overall Rating



I am a local student and hence accommodation was not an issue. However Allahabad has no dearth of PGs so it won’t be much of a difficulty to find a suitable place in the city.

Office Timings

Court timings are from 10-4. The timings are not strict depending on the work you are assigned. In general its a relaxed schedule.

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    1. Yes you can if you get the permission of your College. The High Court, as such has no definite time slot for accepting interns.

      1. Can you please tell what were the points and documents that you included in and along with the letter?


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