Internship Experience @ Hon’ble Justice R K Garg, P & H High Court: Know the Technical Aspects of MACT


Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

The Hon’ble Justice Mr. Rakesh Kumar Garg, Punjab and Haryana High Court, 4 people

Application Process

I got internship through personal contacts.

Duration of internship and timings

2 weeks.

Morning: 9:30 am and no fixed of leaving the court.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first day was as normal as other days.

Before the commencement of court proceeding, the Hon’ble Judge called all the interns in his chamber for a small introduction session.

He explained us about his roaster, which was MACT (Motor Accidents Claim Tribunals)

Main tasks

The main task was to sit in the court room and listen to court proceedings and prepare notes.

We voluntarily used to ask for the cases which used to be listed before the Court for the next day so that we already know the facts before listening to the lawyers pleading it in the Court.

We were also given the judgments to read and sometimes to edit the typing errors.

Work environment and people

As we used to sit in the court room, we had to follow the proper court conduct.

Best things

Best thing was that we were allowed by the Hon’ble Judge to wear our casual clothes.

Also, we were able to attend calls during the court proceedings outside the court room.

Bad things

The only bad part was the Hon’ble Judge’s roaster was MACT.

So there used to be only motor accidents and insurance related cases.

So finding an alternative to this, we sometimes used to go and other court rooms.


No Stipend.

Biggest Lessons

Getting to know the technicalities and hidden loopholes behind the practice of Motor Vehicles Act was one of the biggest lessons.

Also, an Hon’ble High Court Judge teaching you CPC in his chamber is a lifetime experience in itself.

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