Internship Experience @ Hariani and Company, Pune: I never felt I was just an intern


Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Hariani and Company, Pune, 12 Associates and 1 Partner.

Application Process

I applied through firm’s website that is

Regular follow- up is important. Contact number of their office is 020-26152088.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned there for 4 weeks. The office is working 5 days a week and on alternate Saturdays.

Office timing was 10 7 p.m.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I had to fill one form in which there were few questions like why I chose Hariani then I had a small interview then from first day itself work was assigned to me. Its a small office of two floor with a small cafeteria at its terrace. I interned in the month of May. That time there were 3 other interns. We were expected to wear anything formal. The other formalities were normal.

Main tasks

Besides assisting in drafting notice, letter and synopsis the other works I did was case- briefing, and research on topics like Medical Negligence, Joint Venture agreements, Calculation of stamp duty for different agreements, research on different legislation like Hindu Succession Act, Township Planning Act, Maharashtra Land Revenue Act, Registration Act.

Apart from that I was given documents for proof reading.

Work environment and people

The associates were very friendly there. During my internship I never felt that I am just an intern.They never scolded me for my mistakes. The associates used to explain even the minute details in case I had a doubt.

Different kinds of works were given that were related to different subjects and working in the field like Real Estate was very new for me. But I enjoyed it a lot.

During my internship I made some good friends and I am still in contact with them.

Best things

While working with the Real Estate team I came to know many new things and the best part with the associates was they used to explain each and everything in the best possible way and then they use to assign any work and in case if somebody was not able to complete the work they used to help him out by assisting him to some extent.

Bad things

The clerical work used to get very boring. Sometimes there was no work. Systems were very slow. So, sometimes if I had to hand-over the task assigned to me urgently that was a big trouble. They just have a cafeteria where one can sit and eat. There is no place from where you can have your lunch and they don’t allow to go out for lunch. So, the only option that is left to bring lunch-box that is not possible for everybody.


No Stipend.

Biggest Lessons

There is no shortcut for hard-work. If you are interning just for a certificate and you are just pretending that you are working during your internship you will come to know its consequences later.

One should not hesitate to clear the doubts with associates. One should take the initiative and ask for work in spite of sitting idle.

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