Internship @ Greenpeace, Bangalore: Big Interactions, Big Stipend (Rs. 9000 for 1 Month)

Name: Arun, DSNLU, 1st year

Office size: Office was full fledged with a number of departments.You will find a number of employees who work for the cause of environment.

Application process: I had applied sending my CV to [email protected]

They would respond soon if they are in need of interns (some offices of Greenpeace do not accept interns). Then you would have a telephonic  interview  after which you will be intimated whether you are in or OUT.

Duration: Duration of internship is 30 days (5 days per week and around  8 hours work a day)

First day: On the first day  you will be briefed about the organisation, its history, working and all by the concerned person, you will have a brief idea about what you are going to do in the upcoming days.

Main tasks: Basically you will be put in some work related to campaigns wherein you go to Malls, Techparks etc. where you get to interact with people whom you have to talk about the various campaigns undertaken by the organisation and ask for their support.

The part of getting  support is a bit difficult seeming one but you get ample supporters at the end of the day.

Work environment : It’s always a team work and you enjoy being in a team where you have a group coordinator who takes care of the group responsibility.

You will be helped throughout your journey with organisation. And moreover I had a chance to interact with a lot of techies from Infosys, TCS and all which was an added feature.

Best things: You can interact with a lot of people and you never know which big gun is standing before you. I could talk to different big guns in IT industry.

Worst thing: Traffic  was horrible, so waking up super early would only get you to the office at time, which many including me is not interested in.

Stipend: Biggest plus point of is stipend. It will be given as a Cheque by end of internship which is sum of efforts plus work (200 per working day + Rs. 4000 if you cover a mandate fixed by organisation).

So if you intern for 25 working days you have a good chance of getting  Rs.9000 (200*25 plus 4000)

Its a big amount that you  earn for the first time.

Biggest lessons: You get to see people ,you interact which improve your communication skills plus your ability to convince people around you with a small time space in hand!

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