Internship @ Greenpeace, Bangalore: Engaging, Encouraging Team Members, 10k Stipend

Name of the organisation. City

Greenpeace Head Office, Bangalore.60, Wellington Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560025. I worked with the Digital Media Team, it consisted of 10-12 people. The office was quaint, spacious and well maintained. It had a homely comfortable feel to it.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

I sent my CV by email to [email protected]

If they like your application, then they schedule a telephonic or skype interview with you. You will be briefed about the different things you can do here based on your area of interest. Accordingly you get to interact with the concerned people and the come up with a personalised internship programme for you.

They do not stress on CGPA. They look for versatile, passionate and committed people. Make sure you are well informed about every campaign of theirs and what you want to learn from here. Also they took only 1 intern for the entire summer, i.e. May and June.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

The minimum duration of the internship at Greenpeace is four weeks. Greenpeace office is open between 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. But the Digital Media Team works between 10 am and 7 pm from Monday to Friday. Interns can leave around 5 pm.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I stayed at home, but there are many good PGs in neighbouring areas. The entire team goes out for lunch almost every week. There are some great places around like Plan B and Monkey Bar, we also have some budget eateries around.

It is well connected with bus and auto facilities at every road corner. Also Brigade road, UB city etc are close by. Also compared to most of the offices the relatively early let off gives you some time to go out with friends or explore the city.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

Well, I was very apprehensive because they sent me an Intern Contract which was about 5 pages long. It detailed the internship tasks, learning objectives, and confidentiality and IP clauses and various conditions for termination. It also mentioned that they expect a total of 160 hours of work by the intern and a honorarium of Rs. 10,000.

But they were a bit lax on the rules as long as they got the results. First day was pretty casual, you interact with the team members and get started with your tasks, there is always someone to show you the ropes and hence it is not difficult to follow up.

Main tasks

Everyday work:

  •  Organise weekly DMT meetings (on-going)
  •  Set up Agenda
  •  Take minutes
  •  Maintain calendar and deadline reminders
  •  2 day training for content writing
  •  Various content generation skills for emails and social media – After the training, provide a single social post on any of the on-going campaigns for every alternate day
  • Write a blog in the final week of internship
  • Data Analytics
  •  Look into data from social media and report back at the end of the week on what worked better and what worked worse based on previous data
  • Assist the DMT Manager and team members in other on-going work.

Other than the above, they had me compile terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer for some of their websites like greenwired etc. I proof read and modified some contracts for them.

Assisted in maintaining their Social media pages for a while. There was also some basic research work assigned every now and then. The work was not hectic, but just enough to keep you occupied for the 6-7 working hours.

There wasn’t too much of law related work, this could be looked upon as both a boon and a bane. It is ideal for a first year student as it is not all greek and latin to you. They make sure you understand how and why you are doing something. But for students in their later years, this is not exactly a place to learn about law.

I chose to work with the data analyst did learn a lot which I would have never come across otherwise. Further I can use this content writing and data analytics on social media skills to work from campus as a lot of startups use social media for their functioning.

It is strongly recommended for future internees to work with campaigners at Greenpeace as here is where you come across a lot legal aspects of various socio environmental issues.

Work environment, people

The team consists of around 10 people, most of them are in their late 20s. They are dynamic and funny, so the office is never quiet, they brainstorm a lot. What I liked best was the diverse crowd I met, there were people from all over India, London, New Zealand and even Fiji.

The crowd at Greenpeace is casual in both manners and dressing, they speak mostly in English and some Hindi as well. All of them are extremely passionate and committed to what they do, and the same is expected from the intern.

No one here is a task master who will be after you to do your work, it is for the intern to make the effort to start your tasks and ask for help. They really appreciate it if you volunteer to take additional responsibility.

This is recommended only for dynamic, extroverted, innovative people with a sense of humor because you cannot keep up with them otherwise.

Best and the bad things?

The building is a large old house converted into an office. Extremely clean and well maintained. There is a Cafe Coffee Day vending machine down, so that’s free unlimited coffee for all! from latte to black and tea, they have it all.

Further, most DMT members smoke, so all u have to do is step out into the terrace, which is adjoining the DMT room for a smoke, and your boss will be happy to join you. Its a young fun crowd and interns are invited to party with them, so its a great opportunity to bond with the members of the team.

On the down side, well, nothing at all!

Stipend/ month

Rs.10,000/- per month


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