Internship Experience @ Gnarus Partners, Delhi: You don’t live the same day twice at the firm

Name of the Organization, City

Gnarus Partners, W 129, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi 110048


Chirag Jain, 5th Year, Seedling School of Law and Governance, Jaipur National University

Application Procedure

I mailed my CV along with the cover letter at j[email protected] and got a response within two hours which was followed by a telephonic interview.

A questionnaire was then e-mailed to me which I was supposed to fill within a week and I received a confirmation after its review.

Duration of Internship

The standard period of internship is two weeks that can be extended as per your performance in the firm. I interned for three weeks in the month of February 2014 and three weeks in the month of March 2014. Saturdays were generally off unless any important matter requires you to meet the deadline.

Office size and its strength

The firm is pretty spacious for the number of people that includes the Partner, Associates and staff. Every intern is provided with a personal desktop with access to Westlaw and other separate workstation which makes researching an easier task.

First Impression

My first impression about the firm was that it seemed systematic and organised. To my knowledge, I haven’t seen any other law firm having a “Recruitment & Internship brochure” enumerating what they seek in an intern.

No formalities here. On the first day, just after being introduced to every associate, I was straight away allotted research work. The associates themselves kept a check on my work which made me realise that whatever I did would be properly scrutinised.

Personally, the perusal of every word I wrote made me happy because nothing is more satisfactory for an intern than his/her work being used as the final product.

Main task

Being a corporate law firm, the work ranged from drafting legal opinion to researching on the core and ancillary issues. The firm truly believes and executes its policy of “not living the same day twice at the firm”.

So, if one day I was making notes on similarity of activities between NBFC and Banks, the other day I was drafting a write up for aviation consultancy firm. The other areas of law which the firm deals in are Banking & Finance, Capital Markets, IPR, Aviation etc.

A background of the case was always given before any research or drafting work, so that I could understand the context behind it. The associates always answered all the queries patiently and were open to discussion before coming to a logical conclusion.

What sets this firm apart from other law firms I have interned is the investment that is made on every intern i.e. training process which is not limited to activities like how to draft a Share Purchase Agreement but also enables practical and strategic understanding of business law, negotiation and deal making in a systematic manner.

Work Environment

Healthy working environment is the asset of this firm. The firm believes in “Open-door Policy” where one can anytime talk to the associates or even the Partner which ensures that you are treated as an integral part of the firm. Openness to learning is considered as an important aspect.

The associates are cool and do not let you address them as Sir/Ma’am. They make sure that every intern is busy learning something and ensure that everyone is comfortable. It is not possible for anyone to sit idle here. The environment suited me the most because I personally prefer debating over the proposition before working on it to which the associates were receptive too.

Completing the task on the deadline is of the foremost importance irrespective of the coffee or smoke breaks one would like to take. Honesty towards your work is respected.  The person’s candidature is not evaluated on the basis of his Resume or the college he/she is from but rather from the parameters which cannot be objectively verified yet constitute an integral part of one’s intellect.

I was fortunate enough to interact with the Partner, Mr. Rishi Anand both formally and casually when he took everyone out for drinks [Pre-Holi Celeberation :D]. He is an energetic person who fills you with passion and optimism and leaves no room for dullness. His guidance and teaching are not restricted to law but also inspires to be a good businessman and human being at the same time.

Overall, the quality and freedom with which an intern is allowed to work is impeccable. Moreover, if anyone wants to learn the skills and application of law right from scratch, this would be the best place to learn the same.

Best things

To my personal experience, the “People of the firm” are those who make it the best place to intern at.

It would not be too far-fetched to say that the firm is following the footsteps of some of the best international law firms as here, there is no hierarchy, opinion of every person is heard, Saturdays and Sundays are off, no strict work hours as you may leave at 5 PM if you have no work and you might have to stay back till 11 PM if you have to meet the deadline.

The fact that the firm majorly recruits from the interns eventually aspire them to set new standards. I would certainly recommend this firm for anyone who wants to practice corporate or is genuinely eager to learn the skills in commercial business.

Bad Things

At the moment, there are not many people in the firm which sometimes makes it a tedious place to work in. Moreover, if availing stipend is the deciding factor before choosing any firm for internship, then this is not the right place as they don’t pay any stipend yet.

Accommodation. What did you do to chill in and around the office?

I was staying with my Aunt at Rohini East. Though, travelling was not easy for me but commuting is easier in Delhi after Metro connectivity. There are lot of PGs and places for rent available in the nearby area like Kailash colony and GK1.

The closest metro to the office is Hauz Khas. One can take an auto from there as it 20 min away from the office considering if you’re not stuck in traffic.

If you’re a foody, then nothing gets better. M Block at GK- II is just 5 minutes away from the office where you find every type of restaurants and eating joints.  Places like Mainland China, Bikanervala and Subway is right opposite to the firm. You can always order from Zomato.

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