Internship Experience @ Rajan Narain’s Global Legal Associates, New Delhi: Dearth of Work, Polite Staff, No Stipend

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Global Legal Associates, New Delhi, 40 or so associates in the office.

Application Process

I applied to with my CV and cover letter and received a reply with a confirmation the next day.

Sometimes they may call you for an interview again (it happened with some of my batch mates, not with me though. This call is not dependent on your grades, it’s pretty random honestly).

Since they reply quite immediately, a lot of students (especially in first and second year) apply in huge numbers, hence it is advisable that applicants apply well in time. (I applied three months early )

Duration of internship and timings

I interned for a period of three weeks from November.

The official timings were from 10:00 am 7:30 pm .

My co-interns and I would leave way early though, at 3 , due to lack of work.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office is decent and at a decent location. PatelCchowk is fairly close to Rajiv Chowk and is accessible by metro.

The office is quite procedural with everyone adhering to (or attempting to adhere to) formalities. I was asked to give my Student ID Card for making the Supreme Court pass, had to jot down my personal details on the interns sheet and sit in the interns room waiting for Mr. Rajan Narain to call.

Main tasks

I hardly did any work there because honestly, there was nothing much to do then [I did this internship in 2012].

I was supposed to read files and attend those matters in court.

Work environment and people

The highlight of the internship should be Mr. Narain and his temper. [It’s almost funny when he shouts at people].

Mr. Narain takes at least 10 interns so you can make a lot of friends.

The office staff and associates are generally nice and polite.

Best things

1. Located near Rajiv Chowk.

2. Flexible timings [back in 2012; though now I have heard that he is stricter about timings]

3. Good WiFi so you can download plenty of stuff.

4. Plenty of interns, so you can make plenty of friends.

Bad things

1. No work or hardly any work.

2. You may get screamed at by the boss.

3. You may hardly get to work on corporate law matters.



Biggest Lessons

Nothing special about this internship.

Nothing I couldn’t have done without.

Any Other Thing

Intern here only in the first/second years.

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