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I did a four week long internship in Global Juris Consultants , Delhi.

Basically after consulting with various people from the field especially my professors, some lawyers they suggested that I should have an understanding of the trial court. So, I started contacting with various lawyers in my home town (a district town in North Bengal, WB), to my surprise many of them told they haven’t heard of National Law Schools, leave apart question of offering internship.

Further, I learned that most of the proceedings, plaints and briefs are made in the local language (ie. Bengali), so improving on the legal English or the scope of learning in drafting court documents is very low.

About the Firm: It is a small law firm with three lawyers and one trainee lawyer, situated in Tis Hazari Courts Complex, Delhi. The firm is a litigation based law firm which accepts all most all kinds of cases, both from Criminal and Civil side. The lawyers from the firm not only argue in the district courts but also in the High Court and Supreme Court.

How did I Apply? When I was a bit tensed about my internship, my best friend suggested of doing the internship in Delhi, which would be a good start as the proceedings in the District courts are mostly done in English.

My friend managed to get in contact with the lawyers in Global Juris Consultants through a family friend and they approved our internship. However, Global Juris Consultants may be contacted over telephone in 011-23994007.

Logistics: I stayed in one of my friends PG, so arranging logistics was not a problem for me.

Work: If you want to get into litigation or even want to have a practical side of the profession, I would suggest that one should have an experience of the trial court.

The work at Global Juris Consultants was limited to researching with strict deadlines, help in drafting court documents and assisting in the court and co-ordinating with the lawyers in the Court. I also learnt to make practical arguments which you will not find in any book or judgments, processes in the court, client counseling, etc.

The best part was to know about drafting various court plaints, bail petition, etc. One day I was given a task to draft a bail petition quickly and reach the Court in half an hour.

Bad Work: On some of the days when we had no work, we used to filp through the old plaints, paste photographs and some very clerical works.

Work Environment: The work environment was really friendly. All the lawyers were very helpful and friendly. We used to have our lunch together sometimes. The work hour was usually from 10AM to 5 PM. However, the timings were not rigid and on days when there was not much work we were allowed to leave early.

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