Internship Experience @ Ghani and Company, Patna: Understand the nuances of court proceedings {S}

Intern Details

Saket Anand, Sinhgad Law College, Pune

Application Procedure

Sir is very friendly and approachable and you need to apply one month prior to get your internship confirmed. and it is really worth it because their are very few law firms in Patna.

My Experience

My experience was very exciting and enriching as I got chance to observe trials of special NIA court, Patna, where trials of Gandhi Maidan bomb blast case and Bodh Gaya bomb blast case was going on.

Regular visits to different court rooms with sir. Learnt and observed drafting of bail applications, examination of witnesses and day to day work in court which let me understand the nuances of court proceedings.


After 10 to 5 in court, we started working at office around 7 pm with next day preparations and assignments for research is given to interns.

Best things

Sunday is the most exciting day, as sir involves you to observe client counseling sessions and ask you questions after the day gets over if you really shows interest.

Chappan Bhog, Mithai shop is in front of the office, which is at Chunati Kaun Phulwari Sharif, Patna and they serve brilliant snacks and mithai.


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