Internship @ Geeta Luthra, Advocate, Delhi: Great Experience For Would-Be Litigators; Stipend of Rs. 2000

Name of the organization. City

Law Chamber of Senior Advocate Ms. Geeta Luthra. New Delhi

How big was the office? Team strength?

Office was situated at A-35 East of Kailash, New Delhi. The office area was newly set up in the basement area of her residence. It was  spacey, with two conference rooms, 4 cabins equipped with all necessary Bare Acts, manuals, reference books and separate desk for associate and clerks.

There are 5 associates and 2 partners apart from Geeta Madam. One typist, two other other men (better referred to as helpers than clerks) manage all the office files. They know not less than a law student about the copies of judgments, civil criminal manuals, case listings .

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Application procedure. Internship contact details

I applied personally through Email (given to me by a helpful friend, who previously interned there.)

Email id is, and the contact person is Mr. Harrish Malik (a very inspirational, dedicated, hardworking colleague).

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

I interned there for 1 month. No strict timings are followed but one has to report at Delhi High Court lawyer’s Chamber at 10 am. One may reach max. by 11 am but not beyond that; otherwise be prepared to be castigated for your conduct. Sometimes interns are also asked to report at other courts like at Saket Metropolitian court, Kadkaduma Labour Court or Tees Hazari District court .

My fellow intern was asked to go to CAT, Women Commission, Consumer Court etc. After court sessions, one has to come to office at East of Kailash around 4 or 5 pm. There is no certainty of the time of work finishing up. Generally I left office by 10:00 pm. though my fellow interns worked even till 1 am in midnight. To leave office before 9 pm was an exceptional case, that too if you are lucky enough or have a very urgent piece of work. Sundays are generally off, if nothing very important is there. Monday to Saturday are working days.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

On first day I was asked to report at the lawyers chamber at Delhi High Court, where luckily madam personally asked me “so young lady, what you will do for me?” that statement was worth to make the day a memorable. Then I followed her to the court rooms. Carrying her files, I felt like I just need to follow the steps!

After the lunch one of the associates asked me to make the rejoinder, which she wanted by the next day and I gave the same after three days. That day my uncle came to pick me so I somehow manage to leave by 8 pm for the first and last time in the whole period of internship.There were no formalities as such as everyone knows who will be joining as intern at the beginning of month. Only thing one has to be in black and white formals except on Saturdays.

Main tasks

Firstly, I was assigned to make rejoinders, list of dates of various case. Also,  sometimes I was asked to type or edit plaints or notices.

Secondly, research on various matrimonial issues, Land Acquisition Act, Delhi Rent control Act.

Thirdly, there was a project for me. Another intern and I had to make a tabular presentation of compliances under SAST Regulation, Insider Trading prohibition Regulation, Standard of weight and Measurement Act, and competition Act, which was a great learning opportunity as I don’t think it would be taught in college at in such an in-depth manner.

Apart from this in court interns were asked to coordinate with different associates with respect to the listing of matters in various court rooms. Sometimes it happened that the matter is going on and interns were re asked to get a judgment on certain contention immediately. Those were the amazing moments full of enthusiasm when we interns use to rush to the High Court library which has SCC online, Delhi Law Pack, Manupatara and some other searching engines.

Twice , with the mercy of god I managed to get the judgement to court room before completion of hearing and once I was entitled to listen “this is a crap now throw it in dustbin”.

Work environment, people

“Work work work” – only this thing should be on your mind, body, action and conduct. Work environment was pretty dynamic. One may be assigned with typing and at the same time to assist the associates in drafting the plaints. Interns were occupied with work all the time.

People were friendly, helpful and cooperative. One of the partner bid me goodbye with “thank you” once when I worked till 11:30 pm. He was always polite to everyone. Ms. Geeta Luthra personally asked the interns about the work they were occupied with and at times herself came up to give research work.  She always recognised the good work of interns to keep them motivated. Associates were friendly, which created a comfortable ambience , and workload was never a pressure.

Best things

Best thing is that the internship provides an awesome, delightful, incredible exposure to a law student and gives him/her an opportunity to grab the maximum knowledge and experience in short span of one month. You learn things like court room ethics, arguments advanced in closed files etc.

Further the associates and partners give personal attention to interns if any one of them is facing problem to do any assigned work. You also learn about the small but important techniques to take advantage of lacuna in legal language.

Bad things

The worst thing was that as the office was in basement there was no network coverage, so every time to make a call or receive any, one has to go upstairs which was time consuming as well as irritating.

A couple of times I went to Tees Hazari District Court and once it was rainy day and it was still horrible to believe that water was flowing in compound of court and I had to cross that compound in formals (argh!) , to get a print out from a shop outside the court. However, nothing so horrible happened so as to be called as bad memories.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

Humour of Harish Sir was  enough to tolerate the work beyond the fatigues. After that the office wi-fi has access to all social networks with YouTube. In short nothing is blocked.

Moreover, Ashish bhaiya and his Awadhi accent was quite funny to make one laugh even on a meaningful statement. Listeningto  music on head phones was very usual between interns as well as associates. One funny incident transpired when an intern who joined in my third week was so nervous that when one associate asked her to bring Stamp Act she bought Stamp Pad.

Stipend/ month

Rs. 2000 per month though who intern for 21 days were paid Rs. 1500.

Anything else you’d like to tell

A must do internship, specially for those who are looking forward for litigation as a career. And most important thing if you are planning to join, increase your typing speed and be efficient with MS word!

Biggest lessons

Hard work is the key to success. But litigation is something which demand brain, smart attitude and your patience.

There was day when I finished a note on a case working whole night. But the associate was not bothered enough to examine it. But when he read it he appreciated it exceptionally (of course, he was my first crush). So “WORK SMART RATHER THAN HARD”.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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