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Internship Experience @ Ganu and Company, Hyderabad: Court Visits, Enhance Your Research Skills

By: The Admin | September 28, 2016
Intern Details


Overall Experience

Internship at Ganu and Company, Hyderabad was a very good learning experience.


This office deals with varied kinds of civil cases and court visits are positively encouraged.

Application Procedure

Those wishing to join can send an email and they get back based on the availability.


The usual timings are from 9:30 to 5. Timings are flexible. Period of internship is for three weeks.

My Experience

The day starts with a brief interaction with Ganu sir and he assigns a case. We are given the required material i.e the case file and related documents. Interns are allotted a desk to work in a good work atmosphere.

It’s a good place to learn and enhance one’s research skills as we are allowed to access the office library and also the legal search websites such as Manupatra and SCC. The day ends with through interaction with sir where the intern has to brief the case facts and the related legal research done. Sir guides as to how to go about the case and helps the intern understand the legal intricacies involved in each case.

He lends a patient ear to every intern irrespective of his busy schedule and is always willing to throw light on various legal aspects through his generous discussions. On the last day of internship the intern is required to present one of the cases dealt.

Best Things

The best part of the internship being Sunil Ganu sir’s peaceful disposition and his willingness to share his practical experiences from his 30 long years legal journey.

It’s an ideal place to intern in early years of LLB.

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