Internship Experience @ Mr. Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi, AOR, New Delhi: Friendly Environment; Research & Drafting

 Your Name, College, Year of Study

Syed Mohammad Ahmad, Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, 3rd Year

Name of Organization, Location

Ayyubi Law Practices headed by Mr. Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi with team strength of four associates.

Application Process & Duration of Internship

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I applied directly to Mr. Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi in December, 2016 and got confirmation within a month by Fuzail Sir only. If one wishes to apply he can mail his CV directly to Fuzail Sir at or to Mr. Ibad Mushtaq at

I first applied for the month of January 2017, ever since I have been constantly interning under Fuzail Sir.


There are no fixed timings, as long as interns do their work within the allotted time frame. Fuzail sir is very accommodating and understanding in this regard. However, when urgent work is allotted interns are expected to stay a little long with the associates.


Chamber contains all the essentials of an ideal office.

Main Tasks

Initially interns are tasked to research on different laws pertaining to the cases on which the associates are working and they are also required to do translation & typing of annexures as well as assisting associates in drafting of SLP’s, WP’s, filing cases & curing defects, attending client conferences, preparing case briefs, proof-reading various types of documents etc.

Then gradually interns are tasked with the drafting of legal opinions and sometimes slp’s etc. Office is very appreciative of the work done by the interns and they increase the quantum and magnitude of work allotted to the interns depending on their calibre.

Good Things

This Office is custom-made for those who actually want to learn. Interns are at every step guided and instructed by Fuzail Sir and Associates on how to go about their work. The office environment is very friendly, fuzail sir & associates will make sure that you are comfortable and that you understand the work. The best thing about the office is that Fuzail sir involves interns in all the matters i.e. interns are also involved in controversial & big cases as well and that Fuzail Sir personally interacts and explains things to interns and takes them to conferences with him.

I first interned with Fuzail sir in January 2017 and ever since I have been coming to his office for work or academic related advice, I have always been welcomed by sir and Fuzail sir is very humble and considerate. Interns are involved and their inputs are incorporated and appreciated. At the end of the internship if the intern has actually learned and contributed to the office then he may as well expect a stipend or a token of appreciation from Fuzail Sir.

Bad Things



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