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[email protected] Fidus Law Chambers, Noida


Areas of law: Intellectual Property, Sports and Media Law

Application procedure: I emailed my internship application and CV to Mrs. Shwetasree Majumdar at shwetasree [at] fiduslawchambers [dot] com one of the two partners at Fidus Law Chambers. I received a considerate reply within 2-3 days.

Managing logistics:
Stayed for a couple of days at my friend’s house. During that time, I found a good PG to stay in. But I had to shell  a huge amount as the broker charge me 2k extra and the PG aunty took one and half month’s kiraya (rent), instead of one month’s because I had to stay from the middle of the month and for 33 days. Well, thats how PGs work!

Work: There was not too much work, but I did get some good work especially some really cool sports law work given by Mr. Anish Dayal, one of the two partners at Fidus. It was cool because firstly I got to research on legal issues which affected many a leading cricketers and secondly because the work itself was related to many different topics and not just law!

The associates were encouraging, open and friendly.

The bad work: The bad work was some bulk trademark (for a huge, world renowned client) thingy I was given. It was really really boring and involved a lot of cut-copy-paste. This took a large chunk of my time.

Unfortunately, for the full length of my internsihp I didn’t go to court even once. I had learnt that Mrs. Majumdar is a leading IP litigator and expected that court visits would be a regular feature.

Work environment:
Good and friendly work environment. Nice infrastructure, nice chairs. 🙂 The people are friendly and if you are proactive and if want to learn, you surely can.

Verdict: Good internship. Do it in your 2nd or 3rd year.


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  1. please could you suggest as to where should 1st year students intern…some are saying ngos, others are saying trial courts.Its really confusing ..please help

    1. Hi Swasti!

      Ideally you should intern to explore that particular setting/area of law. So as a law student you must intern at least once in an NGO and once in a trial court (to explore what both of these really have in store for you).

      Now you can easily do two internships in one year at law school. So first intern in an NGO and then in a trial court in the first year itself.
      Make sure you have some knowledge of procedural laws before you do the trial court internship.

      Recruiters also prefer people who have varied experiences in different settings. So even if in the end, you want to be a corporate lawyer internships at NGOs and lower courts will hold you in good stead.

      Will soon come out with a post on this.



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