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Internship @ FICCI’s IPR Division, New Delhi: Research Based Work, Great Work Environment, No Stipend



Name of the organisation. City

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries(FICCI), New Delhi. IPR Division.

How big was the office? Team strength?

FICCI is a huge name in itself. Acting as a regulatory body between the Government and the Industries, there is an age-old signification of this organization and the top notch infrastructure of the office speaks enough to prove this.

However, IPR, a considerably smaller division has a small team strength, headed by Ms. Sheetal Chopra and 3 more of their Research Associates.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

The IPR division had taken this laudable step of hiring interns through HOW WELL YOU PERFORM in their ONLINE CERTIFICATE COURSE on IPR laws.

So, if you really wish to work with this prestigious organization, you got to SCORE WELL in their online course examination.

Moreover, you can still reach Mr. Abhishek Bajaj on [email protected] Be assured of getting an immediate response from him. “THE BEST PART ABOUT THE IPR DIVISION”. They receive the application positively and ensures that your efforts doesn’t go in vain.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

5 days a week. One Month Duration. 9:30 am -6:00 pm.

The timings were strictly followed and one could not take the liberty of getting late to more than 15 mins of the aforesaid arrival time.

INTERNS could move in-and-out of the office subject to the availability of the HEAD in the office.

One was expected to stay back after 6:00 pm as the work-load was used to be in bulk. It was on the interns discretion whether he would like to finish it then or there, or still go back home and wake back till late night. (This again entirely depends on the amount of work you have for the day).


ficci ipr internship, intellectual property division

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

As I said earlier, it was a sheer delight to be a part of this vast organization owing its existence since the GANDHIAN times. And still, how well the office is maintained and given a royal touch, is an laudable thing.

With most of the fellow employees entering the office via BMW, AUDI,MERCEDES, Jaguar(Yes! I saw a couple of them getting parked outside the office) you just wont stop looking at this rich class of things!

On my first day, I was introduced to the Head of the IPR division where a short interview was conducted mainly on my knowledge related to IPR laws. Sheetal ma’am was a disciplined lady herself and that could be seen with the amount of work she gave to her associates and her stringent directions to the working interns.

One was required to carry their own laptops and FICCI provided with their internet access, which could be obtained by filing the form given by the IT department of FICCI on your first day.

Main tasks

We were mainly given research topics related to the every-day episodes in the IPR sectors. With what the IPR DIVISION had to meet with the various emerging topics, the interns were made an integral part of their association.

I was given the task to prepare and compile a report on the working of the INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS(ISPs) with special study of the IT act. We had to deal with the working of the ISPs of each of the major countries of the world and make a report suggesting the changes in the present IT acts/rules of our country.

Also, there were hugely detailed tasks relating to the COPYRIGHT ACT, its up-to-date amendments, the COMPULSORY LICENSING, the reports on PARALLEL IMPORTS with effect to the recent Government order issued.

FICCI- IPR DIVISION works as an integral catalyst of curbing the piracy and spreading the best possible awareness about it. We were given the task of compiling the data related to all the ONLINE PIRACY reported in INDIA and across the globe. We were also made to compile a QUESTIONAIRRE on the campaign against the spread of Piracy which the IPR division conducts in school/colleges from time to time.

Work environment, people

I can go on a record to say, FICCI-IPR DIVISON has “THE BEST” work environment. The IPR division treats you like a family, they never are in that ONLY WORK NO PLAY mode.

The research associates who mostly gave us the main tasks were very friendly and made it the best possible days for you. If one had never heard across any topic on which one had to research, the associates were kind enough to give you the best help through their knowledge and resources.

Being a small division, the interns were treated as a part of the organization, one had to submit all the assignments and compilations directly to our head, and she could take you as well for a meeting with the other officials from the distinguished industries and trademark/patent offices of our country. YES! You are a FICCI-ian for that internship duration.

Best things?

As I said earlier, the best part is the WORK ENVIRONMENT. Even if you are filled with volumes of work, you are made to feel at ease with considerable jolly environment that is set in the office by the fellow associates and interns.

Bad things?

When I say, a small division, it LITERALLY does become that. With the office being as small as the size of the nut, it was difficult to accommodate the dozens of interns at the same time. The volume of work and the size of the division carried an inverse relationship.

Secondly, there were used to be some of the days when one had no work. But then, it was fair enough to get that relaxing pill after the tons of work for the consecutive days. Oh yes! And this happened only when one of the key associates went missing (absenteeism), not otherwse though!

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

FICCI enjoys an esteemed position of being present in the best locality in the whole of NEW DELHI. With “BENGALI MARKET” being just a couple of minutes of walk away from the office, it was the best place to chill out, have your lunch, go on a hangout in the evening, etc.

There is a pretty famous food joint “TURANT” and as the name suggests, you get the quick-in-time, easy-on-the-pocket and the-most-delicious-fast-food all at the same place! Well, half of the FICCI-ians could be seen there, and also, it is the best place to socialize. Yes, you can discuss your piled-up-work even there, and the CHINESE BHAIIYA wont mind it!

Stipend: No

Anything else you’d like to tell:

FICCI-IPR DIVISION INTERNSHIP can be termed as a multi-disciplinary training experience. So, even of you are not pursuing a law degree, you can happily enroll in for this internship and yes!

If you really wish on getting “THE CORPORATE FEEL” F.I.C.C.I. is the place to be! You get to see a lot of busy minds and working hands and yes lots and lots of JAGUARS and BMW’s 🙂

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  1. Is it advisable to intern in FICCI in one’s second year, considering the fact that they expect you to have some knowledge of IPR?

  2. Would it be appropriate to intern in FICCI in one’s second year,considering the fact that they expect you to have some knowledge of IPR?

  3. Hey, quick question.
    you mentioned that there is some kind of a short interview before the internship starts, what kind of questions do they ask generally?
    a few examples would be great help.

  4. IPR division of FICCI has some basic infrastructure problems:-
    1)- Congested small room, no separate room for interns.
    2) – Inadequate resources for research work which are quite incommensurate to the research propositions.
    3)- Interns are required to bring their own laptops, as they don’t have enough systems in their IPR cell, interns are often required to some of the work from their own home using their own resources.

    1. Agree with your first point, However I didn’t find any wrong in bringing your own laptops…since its a developing division, one doesn’t expect much of the technological resources before hand, and when the organisation is hiring more than a dozen interns at a time, it is not possible to provide with their own machines.

      1. Not a single research database. Not even Manupatra, Hein. I wonder, how do they research?



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