Internship Experience with Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Mumbai: Good Work on Acquisition Transactions & Great Team


Name of the Intern


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Name and Address of the Organisation

Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas

Address – Peninsula Corporate Park, Peninsula Chambers, GK Marg, Lower Parel West, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400013. 

Duration of Internship

From: 01/10/2016 Till: 31/10/2016

How Did you Apply for the Internship?

I submitted my CV to the college recruitment cell. On the basis of your CV you are being selected to these law firms.

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression


On the first day you meet the HR where he/she gives you a form containing some normal personal details to fill up and allots you a specific team.

The HR introduces you to the Team Secretary and he/she introduces you to the whole team.


You are given a desktop which contains all the research facilities like SCC Online, Manupatra etc.

Coupons are used as ticket for lunch and you don’t need to pay for that.

First Impression

When a law student gets into a tier 1 law firm, you get to see how elegant a law firm looks like, how professionally the employees work and interact in the Corporate sector.

When I was introduced to the team, each member was very interactive.

They asked some questions about college and the subjects studied and what will be the main task here.

Main Tasks

(i) Corporate Secretarial Services

(ii) Research work related to:

1. Foreign Exchange Management Act.

2. Companies Act.

Work Environment

The team in which I got selected consisted of –

  • 2 SA (Senior Associate)

  • 2 A2 (Associate with 2 years of experience)

  • 1 PA (Principal Associate)

The work environment was very good and at the same time loaded with work. Everyone from the Partner to the Associate level were very approachable.

I was involved in the transaction they were working on which gave me an idea of “how an acquisition transaction works?”

I also got to know about all other small details like the basic requirements of that transaction.

Good Things

Everyone from the senior level to junior level was approachable.

They wanted you to be involved in each task which they were handling and would really appreciate if you had any unique idea that would reduce the time in doing the whole task.

At the end you need to give your presentation to give a presentation to your Team Head on the work that you had submitted in the last couple of weeks of your internship.

The same is judged and on the recommendation of the Partner you may be given a PPO (Pre-Placement Offer).

Bad Things

I was given a lot more idea about how a transaction is structured basically a piece meal work where you are being asked to do a research on a particular topic.

This is important for that task but why it is important or how it is relevant to that task is not clarified.


It is Rs. 3,000 per week.

So for a month you get 12,000.

Details about Accommodation and Commute

Accommodation: Various girls and boys PG are established near the office so you can find that on google maps.

Commute: All the PGs were around at max 500 meters far from the office so you can either walk or take the local taxi or an e-rickshaw.

Anything Else?

The internship experience was really good as a whole.

A lot of new things are there that you learn and get a basic crux of how you will work in the corporate sector of the Tier-1 law firms.

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