Internship Experience @ Wadhwa Law Chambers, New Delhi: Life of a Litigant

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Shubhangi Tiwari; NUSRL, Ranchi; 5th year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Composition

Wadhwa Law Chambers, Delhi (Kalkaji Extension)

The Firm was segregated into three parts-

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  • Anirudh Wadhwa specialized in Civil/Company Matters and Arbitration
  • Aditya Wadhwa specialized in Criminal Matters
  • Kapil Wadhwa specialized in IPR

Application Process with contact details

Mail your CV to <>

You can follow them up over email, after you have applied.

Duration of internship 

August 2018

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The Wadhwa Office is quite impressive given the age and experience of the Wadhwa Brothers. The first day has no formalities and your existence as an intern on the first day, is not pondered upon, by anybody.

Main tasks

I worked with the Litigation team, under Adv. Aditya Wadhwa.

There was hardly any interaction with him and most of the work was sub-delegated by his associates.

The main tasks were researching cases, making briefs on it and drafting various Documents, Plaints, Complaints, Legal Notice and Affidavits.The office took a lot of cases from the Legal Aid Cell and a plethora of cases with huge variety ranging from Prevention of Corruption Act to Arbitration was offered to pick and choose from.

The associates are young and understand the issues faced by you, are co-operative, but at the same time, challenging enough. It may be noteworthy to mention, that there are exceptions to the above experience and within a week, that is made known.

Work environment and people

Anirudh Sir and Kapil Sir are easier to work with, which is hearsay. If the stars are shining upon you, you may get a decent word with Aditya Sir.

The associates are helpful and easy to approach. They treat almost like you work there, with similar deadlines and work pressures.

Best things

  • It is one of those experiences that would test you for your aspiration for litigation as a career.
  • Most Associates would teach you a lifetime of an experience, be it mannerisms of the Court or meeting deadlines or even going for a conference call with a senior advocate.
  • Most Associates would almost treat you like a first-year associate and actually rely upon your research.
  • It gives you the complete experience of a Litigator- reaching Court at 10 am followed by working at the Office till 10 pm
  • It has a kitchenette that allows you to eat snacks (Maggi and grilled sandwiches), coffee machine, and also a refrigerator to store stuff. The support staff at the Office is amazing

Bad things

  • If you are looking for a chill internship, don’t.
  • If you think you would have a life outside the office, don’t.
  • If you have issues with going to the Court regularly, don’t.

Office Timings

If you are to reach the Court then 10 am.
Otherwise you can choose to walk in at whatever time, and the time to walk out is decided by the Associate.




Look for PG as near as possible. Best would be Kalkaji Extension or Kalkaji Itself.

I stayed at a PG in GK, near Kailash Colony Metro Station. Areas like Govindpuri and Jangpura are also convenient.

Biggest Lessons

Life at a Trial Court Litigation Law Firm is way more demanding than it seems, and definitely nothing like the one shown in Suits!

Overall Rating



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