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Internship Experience @ Vidhii Partners, Kolkata: Good Work, Work Environment; No Stipend

By: The Admin | July 1, 2016

Name/College/Year of Study

Joanna Shireen Sarkar/ Department of Law, Calcutta University/ Final Year

Name of the organization/City

Vidhii Partners, Kolkata

Duration of the internship/ Timings

12 weeks/ 10:30 a.m to 6 p.m

.Team strength

3 Associates

Application Procedure

I sent my internship application at their official email address- [email protected]


I had previously interned at Vidhii Partners, Kolkata office on two prior occasions ( 3dr and 4th semester). During my previous internships at Vidhii, I learned the basics of legal research and drafting under the guidance of the firm’s various associates.

This period of internship was no different in terms of learning and honing my skills as an upcoming lawyer.

With my prior experience of learning the basics of drafting and research, this period of twelve weeks was utilized drafting various Affidavits, Notices (of Service), summarizing the provision of new as well as old Acts.

There was plenty of research work pertaining to matters such as company laws, land laws, banking laws with particular emphasis on securisation and asset reconstruction; making short presentation of new/amended pieces of Legislature was also one of the tasks given to me at Vidhii Partners, Kolkata.

Work environment, people

It was a pleasure to once again intern at Vidhii Partners and be a part of a talented team of lawyers, for the third time.

In spite of being a small firm (Kolkata office), Vidhii Partners is a firm that cherishes teamwork and promotes development of all who are involved in a challenging work environment.

One of the best things (and encouraging!) about interning at Vidhii is that the firm’s associated are extremely approachable and one has a platform to have their queries answered at this firm.

For me, being a person who always asks questions, this was particularly very helpful during my time as an intern here at this firm.

Stipend/ month


Anything else you’d like to tell

Though it is a small firm situated in the heart of the city (Park Street), the work environment is not only challenging but also encouraging as well as educative.

A law student desirous of learning basic legal skills must intern at Vidhii- interning here not only improves your legal skills, it is also a firm that provides you an opportunity to enhance your legal knowledge

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