Internship Experience @ Uttar Pradesh State Legal Services Authority, Lucknow: Well Managed Program, Field Visits, 100 Interns

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Aditi Pasricha, Delhi Metropolitan Education, GGSIPU, Delhi, 2nd year BBA-LLB

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Uttar Pradesh State Legal Services Authority, Jawahar Bhawan Annexe, Lucknow, U.P., there were around 100 interns.

Application Process with contact details

UPSLSA releases the forms for the registration process of summer internship towards the end of April.

Thereafter, the results are available on their official website within a month. The link for website is where other contact details are provided as well.

Duration of internship and timings

June 1, 2016- June 30, 2016. Although, the training comprised of 10 days i.e. from June 1 to June 10.

Thereafter, the interns were not supposed to be present in the office and were supposed to submit a report before June 30; among the list topics provided on the very first day.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First Impression I had of the institution and it’s employees was that everybody was very supportive and frank. They, made us really comfortable.

There were no formalities as such, we were made to sit in the conference room which was very well furnished and were provided with our kits and a cup of tea.

The infrastructure of the institution was fine, not much to brag about, anyone who expects a high class office building should not set their hopes too high.

We had an introductory session by the Secretary, UPSLSA and other guests including one the Judge, Lucknow High Court Bench.

Also, we were given a task to introduce the person sitting next to you, to help interns interact with each other on the first day which was really useful. The session was interactive and intellectual.

Main tasks

To provide the first hand experience of the legal process, we were taken to visit the High Court, Lucknow Bench where we were made to sit in the courtroom to observe the proceedings, district court, Lucknow, district jail, which was a repally learning experience, children home, Observation home, Police Station, Cyber cell: 1090 women power line, Forensic Science Laboratory, ‘Drishti’- An NGO for mentally challenged and other destitute children etc.

We were provided with the topics of the reports on the very first, we were supposed to choose any one and submit the report by 30 June’16.

I prepared and submitted a report on ‘The role of legal services institutions in achieving the objectives of the PC and PNDT Act, 1994.

Work environment and people

The people, the authorities were very supportive and understanding. Any issue or grievance of the interns was heard of; and solved.

The Co-intern’s were all from different backgrounds, colleges and cities but their field of study united them.

The environment was very comfortable.

Best things

The best part of the internship for me was the assistance and guidance I provided to the family of a juvenile I met at the juvenile home. I took the number of his family from him as he told me that he did not talk to his mother since 8 months.

The juvenile was approximately 14 years old. I had this intuition after knowing his part of the story that he was innocent. On the first place he was already bailed in the month of March, but as his family was not able to meet up the amount required for the same.

He was still in there. I later kept on talking to his family. It was a hectic task to make them understand. Also, I left Lucknow on 11th June’16 so, phone was the only way to help him.

I made the family of the juvenile visit UPSLSA office where they were provided assistance and through free legal- Aid the juvenile was acquitted. I feel proud of myself and the institution.

Bad things

No bad thing as such, I wish the training period would have been for a longer period of time.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

The reality of the way most of the government institutions work is far too different from our assumption and understanding. In my opinion, all the law students should act as para-legals for monitoring the legal Aid and Awareness in the society.


Although I stayed with my relatives, there were many other interns who stayed in nearby PGs or hotels which were not much far away from the office. The institution did not provide the assistance for the same.

Office Timings

Generally, we were asked to reach by 10 am and then we used to have our visits to different places which gerenally used to take 4-5 hours to get over with. No, the office timings were not too strict, but we were supposed to reach before the buses leave for the visit.


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