Internship Experience @ Urbanus Lex, Online Internship: Bad Work, Creepy Communication


Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Urbanus Lex, Online Internship

Application Process with contact details

Applied there after seeing an internship opportunity on Lawctopus. You have to submit your CV at

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Duration of internship and timings

21st March-21st May

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

There was no formalities as such. I got a mail from the HR department, which said that if I wish to start the internship I have to get back at their office email. After I did that, my internship was confirmed.

Main tasks

Well this is where it gets weird. For the first one month or so, they’d send me a mail to write an article of about 1000-2000 words, usually once a week.

However, after that suddenly all communication ceased from them. I shot a couple mails, but in vain. Then about ten days before the internship ended, I got notified that the mentor Priyanka is unavailable right now, so someone named [X] will be taking over in her place.

He had me doing meaningless tasks like finding previous years’ CLAT papers, finding internship contact details for law students etc. (which I got to know later was for his personal blog).

Work environment and people

My first mentor Priyanka was pretty nice. Assigned us works timely.

The new guy [X], however, was a nightmare to work with in my experience. At first he asked me to message him on whatsapp so that he can send me the details. Why he couldn’t send them over the mail is beyond me.

After that, even after my incessant attempts at keeping things professional, he seemed more interested in chatting with me than actually assigning me work.

At this point I had no clue what to do, as there were about 4-5 days left of the internship, and I didn’t want to piss him off until I got my internship certificate as I already put in two months there.

But it was pretty irritating. I also got to know from my co-interns that after the communication ceased, only the girl interns got mails from [X] (who was ‘assigned’ as our new mentor). The guys never received any communication from them again.

Best things

The flexible work environment and no work pressure. At least for the first month.

Bad things

I even had to keep pestering him for the internship certificate, to which he kept saying ‘hopefully by 2-3 days you’ll get it’ (hopefully?) for about two weeks.



Biggest Lessons

Think before you take up online internships, please. Also I had no idea that such unprofessional people actually exist or get hired, so that.


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