Internship Experience @ UU Lalit, Delhi


Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Abhishek Khare, Amity Law School, Lucknow, 2011-2016,

Name of Organisation, Location 

Senior Advocate Mr. Uday U. Lalit, Supreme Court, New Delhi ,8

Application Process 

CV attached with Cover letter applied to his Secretary Mail id:

Duration of internship and timings

3 weeks (26th April – 9th May & 28th June – 6th July, 2014)

There are no set timings, in the morning you are required to reach well in time to the courts you are assigned to report, ready with your entry passes; and at nights departure time depends on the work assigned, however if requested interns were also left early.

Proper care was taken to leave girl interns at doorstep of their house at late hours.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was excited to meet Mr.U U Lalit as I have heard name earlier. I reached office around 6:00 pm in the evening and due to his busy schedule and after a long wait I met Sir at around 9:30 pm. And after meeting him I was finally happy.

As such there are no formalities to be done. The clerical staff is pretty efficient and takes care of everything in advance.

While you enter the chamber you can see a beautiful painting made by actor Salman Khan was gifted to Sir.

The chamber was quite impressive consist of Sir’s room then the room for interns and junior advocates and conference hall with full equipped facilities.

All updated law books, AIR’s can be found in the office, all the best resources required by a lawyer can be found in the office.

Main tasks

My main task in the office of Mr. UU Lalit involved mainly research work. In the morning you are given the list of all the cases with their courtrooms that will be taken up and you are expected to be in each and every case’s proceeding and are supposed to note down all the details that you can.

Later after the court, when you reach office by yourself, you are given case files to read and later given a topic to research from that case file.

You are also required to attend the conferences that happen, that is the meeting with the clients when they come to discuss their case with Sir, of the cases that you are working on.

Most of the work in this internship will require reading different case files and researching the topics given.

Work environment and people

All the associates at the chambers of Mr. U U Lalit were good. Work environment was good. Interns were expected to work and not to sit idle.

Best things

If you have any query you can directly ask to Sir and gives his best to explain it.

When I was there was Mr. Uday U Lalit was in the news as his name was there in the elevation of the new Supreme Court Judge.

No Stipend, constitution hand book.

Biggest Lessons

He was the man of his words.

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  1. If Justice Mr. Uday is a man of high moral character as we all expect the Supreme court judges to be, I request him to answer the following question.

    As per reports Mrs. Jayalalitha who initiated the recent Cauvery row at his court was his client who paid him for the services rendered. If so, would it not be expected of Mr. Justice Uday to excuse himself from the proceedings of the current Cauvery water dispute between Karnataka and Tamil nadu, given the fact that Mrs. Jayalalitha as CM of Tamil nadu is the direct political beneficiary of any favorable judgement? Is it not the practice in all countries which uphold high morals of the justice system? How did he miss this “conflict of interest” that is blatantly obvious?

    Kindly note I am not making any accusation of favoritism against Mr. Justice Uday. I am just pointing out the fact that despite reported “conflict of interest” Mr. Justice Uday delivered two judgements which perceptibly were in favor of Tamil nadu and put himself in this position.

    I request him to excuse himself from any proceedings of this Cauvery dispute as long as Mrs. Jayalalitha is the Chief minister of Tamil nadu and thus uphold the high moral ethics of his position.


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