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Internship Experience @ Trilegal, Mumbai: Stipend of Rs 15,000, Humongous Office, Due Diligence Work

By: Deepshi Singh | March 13, 2016

Name of Student


Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Trilegal, Mumbai.

Located at One Indiabulls, Lower Parel.

The Mumbai office has roughly 70 people, most of them are lawyers and some support staff

Application Process

You can contact Mrs. Bhavna who is in charge of HR at [email protected]

Apply well in advance to get a spot for yourself.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned for 4 weeks at Trilegal, Mumbai

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

Interns do not sit separately. I was given a seat amongst the associates and introduced to everyone.

I believe this really strengthened the bond between the associates and the interns.

The office was humongous and well maintained.

It had a foreign feel to it.

The best part about its infrastructure are the coffee machines wherein you can take as much coffee or iced tea as you like.

Main tasks

Work ranges anything and everything from a mere proof reading of a document to Researching on topics and Rough drafting of various documents.

I mainly researched on matters dealing with foreign direct investment, allotment of land, lease deeds and stamp duty.

The non-research work mainly includes due diligence work.

Those of you who have worked in corporate before would have probably worked on due diligence of some variety and probably detest it.

Work Environment, People

The work environment at Trilegal, Mumbai is exceptional.

Most of the associates at Trilegal are pretty young and energetic.

The firm is very nice and everybody is helpful.

The associates are friendly with you and will behave nicely unless you screw up some of their assigned tasks.

Best things

1. Really warm environment

2. Free coffee


Bad things

There was nothing which I disliked about the internship.


Rs 15000/-

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