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Internship Experience @ Tihar Jail, Delhi: Take off your socks and listen to the plight under trial for years

By: User Submitted | November 6, 2014

Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Mohd. Shahzeb, Amity Law School Noida, 3rd Year, [email protected]

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Tihar Jail, Delhi.

Application Process

Go the office building of Tihar jail and talk to the law office. That’s the only process.

Address is:

Office of The Director General of Prisons,

Prisons Head Quarter,

Near Lajwanti Garden Chowk,

Janak Puri, New Delhi.

Duration of internship and timings

1 week.

Timing from 10 to 4. You can get out early if work is done.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

A long lecture by Mr. Sunil Gupta, Law officer. He went on and on telling about the system jail has adopted, various laws, rehabilitation schemes, etc.

The Tihar Jail and the office are situated far away from each other though in the same area. Its way too big.

Main tasks

We were divided into groups and given a separate topic for each day. We had to go to the specified jail and talk to prisoners on the topic. Ask them questions, look around if jailor allows.

It was weird asking people how did you murder or why did you rape, huh! At the end of the day we were supposed to have sufficient information to write for our final report.

Work environment and people

Prisons are dull and boring, arent they ? The security check before going to any jail was very irritating.

At Tihar Jail, they would ask you to take off your socks too. Most of the prisoners work during daytime in different activities running there others were occupied in small tasks.

The under-trials could be identified wearing casuals while prisoners wearing white clothes.

Best things

The best thing was to see how different prisoners have engaged themselves in work and are happy there.

They don’t have to sit in a corner and weep on their wrongdoing.

The rehabilitation programs at Tihar Jail work effectively on improving the condition of prisoners.

They are also provided with study material and they can enroll themselves for study programs in IGNOU.

Bad things

Nothing bad on part of internship provider, i.e. law officer.

Depressing was the state of those prisoners who were accused of false charges and those whose cases were under-trial since years.



Biggest Lessons

Never go to jail if you are soft hearted. Jokes apart, for the future lawyers it is very important to realise how things are going around them.

When you talk to prisoners you’ll realise that it is not only the crime due to which they are suffering but many times it is lack of legal aid which lands them into jail.

People are often cheated by lawyers. They know nothing about law and are often misguided.

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