Internship Experience @ T S Gopalan & Co, Chennai: Labour and Civil Laws


My internship experience at T S Gopalan & Co, one of the leading law firm handling labour and civil laws was just satisfactory.

I interned under an Advocate who is one among the five partners of the firm. I got into the firm through a reference and the firm also takes people for internship only through reference or contacts.

If you happened to know any of the partners of the firm through any of your friends or relatives, all you have to do is to call them and ask for internship.

Based on availability, you will be provided internship. When I contacted them through phone, I was asked to forward my resume to their mail id and after that I met them personally and joined for the internship program.

They were sweet & did not ask much of questions and simply asked about the institution where I study, about the timings of internship.

The timings of the internship was also flexible and if you are a college goer, timings will be adjusted according to it or if you come from a different place, you can even work there for full time based on your convenience.

The interns were given an option of working during Saturdays or not.

Nature of work

For few weeks, I accompanied them to the court halls and I was asked to observe the court proceedings.

There was not much of work given to me other than checking for item numbers and calling them up before their case comes for hearing.

After observing the court proceedings, I was asked to come to their office for working. The work which was given to me mainly consisted of legal research.

I was asked to write articles based on various legal concepts, frame FAQs based on various legislation, read judgments and make a brief note about it.

Favourable and Unfavourable terms of internship

Now I would like to mention about the good things about the office initially. The office has very good infrastructure, The interiors were all good and elegant making it a friendly environment to work with.

There were separate cabins for each partner, a big conference hall, a waiting hall and a place for accommodating other associates and interns.

Based on the availability of system, interns will be allotted system or laptop to work with. I was given a laptop to work with, in a comfortable place. I was asked to prepare a folder for myself and store all the works done by me in the particular folder. The office has huge collection of legal material.

It has good collection of books like SCC, Various legal magazines, all kinds of journals, manuals, bare Acts and textbooks.

They also had access to online legal sites like SCC online. My internship gave me the opportunity of going through various journals and read various judgments.

The Associates of the office were very friendly and easy to approach. When the advocates are busy with their works, you can also ask for work from the Associates.

Most of the Associates were my my college alumni and therefore they were very friendly and I had opportunity to interact with them about the kind of work and exposure. Since there were no other interns during the period when I interned, I was also to interact only with the Associates and lawyers who worked in the firm.

Even the Advocate with whom I interned was ‘down-to-earth’ and friendly. The Associates would give me works like preparing cause list, dockets, sending mails to clients etc. I was free to leave the office once I’m done with my work after informing the Advocate.

Another good thing about the office was that I was given coffee and snacks everyday during evening time. Food will also be available sometimes.

Other than that, there were also restaurants near by and places to hang out and finding a PG near by wouldn’t be a difficult task. Since the office is situated in the main road, it is very easily accessible by any means.

As I reside very near the firm, I was even more comfortable interning there. I had exposure to talk with various clients who also included big shots and management of big corporate.

There were cake cuttings done during the birthdays of people who work in the firm. The birthdays of two associates fell during the period of my internship and I had so much fun.

Bad things

Now coming to the negative side, the work which was given mainly consisted of legal research alone. Drafting was never given either to interns or to associates.

Every time, I had to go and ask them for any works to be done and the works which were given was also repetitive, clerical and frustrating. The folder which was created by me for storing my works was not checked by them to suggest any improvements.

Even in the court halls, I was not explained by any procedure and was asked merely to observe the proceedings which I would say would not serve any purpose. I was not taught of anything and only when I take my own initiative and raise doubts, I was able to learn a little.

To conclude, I would say that this place is suitable for people who area of interest is labour law and who wanted to practise in labour law and related field. If you are a person who wants to explore and learn things out of your internship, this is not your ‘cup of tea’.

This place is apt for people who would patiently do all kind of office works and feeling contended with it.

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