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Internship Experience @ Surana & Surana International Attorneys, Chennai: High Court Visits, Arbitration Proceedings


Name, College, Year of Study:

Ms.Chinna Aswathy Abraham, V year, School of Law, SASTRA Deemed University.

Name of the Organisation:

Surana & Surana, International Attorneys, Chennai.

Application Process:

You can email your CV and cover letter to [email protected] or [email protected]. They generally reply within 2-3 days. Once you are shortlisted , you will have to appear for a personal interview at their office in Chennai. However, the interview is set on a date of your convenience.

The interview maybe conducted by any of the team heads, depending on what you have expressed as your area of interest in your cover letter. The interview is not at all nerve wrecking and the interviewer makes sure you are comfortable. They are more interested in your past internship experiences and your research papers and will ask you a few questions from your CV.

They also ask you questions about your interests and your family, just to see how well you are able to articulate your answers. I received the confirmation of my internship a week after the interview.

Duration of Internship and Timings

20th November 2017 to 23rd December 2017 (Five weeks).

Timings: 9am-7pm, Saturdays are half days and Sundays are off.


I stayed at a PG in Royapettah ,which was a 15 mins walk from the office.

First Impression, First Day Formalities, Infrastructure

The Surana and Surana office is a gorgeous white building at R.K Salai and can be easily located.  The office in itself spreads over 3 floors and there is a an auditorium at the basement capable of accommodating over 175 people.

On the first day, the Receptionist welcomed me and gave me an Internship Record in which I had to fill in my details. She also handed over a two page document explaining the general Do’s and Don’ts of the firm. After this, I signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement and got my biometric registration done with the help of the Admin Department. They also gave me a log in ID and password to access the internal mail system.

Later, I was met by one of the Sirs from the Litigation Team and was informed I would be working with the Litigation & Arbitration Team. I was delighted as this was the Team I had wanted to work with and was happy they had taken my interests into consideration. The other teams are- Corporate, Real Estate, Intellectual Property. They also have Tax experts and Company Secretaries.

I was taken to my work station where I found my first task awaiting me. The office has great infrastructure and all the teams share the same work space, thus ensuring there is coordination among all of them. I was introduced to the entire Litigation Team in the evening and was also given a mentor to whom I was to report to on a daily basis.

Main Tasks

They are particular about work being allotted to the interns by email and not through verbal instruction. I got a variety of work and was always kept occupied. Work included research, preparation of notes on various topics, preparing summaries of arguments and list of dates.

I worked on matters involving the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, Copyright Act, Waqf Act, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code etc. Dr. Vinod Surana (Managing Partner and CEO) may himself allot work to the interns on some occasions.

Interns are taken to the Courts twice a week. I was able to visit the NCLT and the Hon’ble High Court of Madras on several occasions. During my first week at work, I had expressed my interest in Arbitration and the same was taken seriously.

I was given the opportunity to attend several Arbitration Proceedings and also actively worked on the same. On one occasion, I was assisting in the preparation of questions for cross examination and it was exciting to see those questions being put to the witness in court the next day !

At the end of the day, you are supposed to fill in a Time Sheet, recording what you have done on that particular day and email it to your mentor and the respective Team Heads. It is also advisable to fill in your Internship Report on a daily basis so that it becomes easy for you when you’re completing your internship. The report is to be in a prescribed format and must describe in detail the task allotted to you, what you have accomplished and what you learnt from the same.

On Saturdays, the entire office would assemble at the auditorium/hall to attend sessions on some new or important area of law. I was able to attend several sessions on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code conducted by one of the Sirs in my Team. These Sessions were not only informative but also interactive.

Work Environment and People

The work environment is very cordial. All the associates and Team Heads would personally go around and wish each and every one of us in the morning. The associates were all very approachable and would readily clear all our doubts and queries.

There were a total of 4-5 interns but were all working with different teams. This meant you had sufficient work and also got personal attention from your concerned mentors and Team Heads. The Appraisal Team even met the interns personally for our feedback on how to improve the work environment at the office.

 Best Things

  1. Getting due recognition for the work done.
  2. The quality of work and the opportunity to attend Arbitration proceedings.
  3. The sumptuous lunch every day!
  4. The month-end lunch which was an ice-breaking session, where all the new comers and interns would be introduced to the rest of the office.


The only drawback is that you cannot access Google, Gmail or any other websites from your desktop. This would have to be done using the browsing systems in the office, which were few in number.


Rs. 5000/-


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