Internship/Contractual Job Experience @ Sumati Legal Services, LPO, Chandigarh: Rs. 15,000 Salary, Quit in a Month

Your of the intern

Niharika Sharma

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Sumati legal Servics Pvt Ltd , First Floor, Tower E, DLF, Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park, Chandigarh, 160101 Ph. No. 0172 463 711.

There were about 35-40 colleagues in the Company.

But P.S. it’s an LPO not a Law firm

Application Process with contact details

The Company had contacted me on its own in November 2014 by their HR.

In the month of May after my exams finished I thought I could take out time for 3 months therefore i Joined.

They hire all year round due to the work they keep getting.

Contractual – 3 months ( Renewable)

However you could call them up directly at their numbers on the website.

You could E-mail them but I would suggest a call would be more prompt.

They prefer fresh graduates and DO NOT TAKE INTERNS (It’s a job on contractual basis; min.- 3 Months)

But students could try their luck.

I got through only because I was called upon by them and had been interviewed and selected but could not join as I had college.

Duration of internship and timings

It wasn’t an internship but a 3 months contractual Job.

I joined on 29th June ( for 3 months) but I left it after completing a month.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day you get introduced and get lunch by the company.

They give you a stationery kit.

All this takes around 15 minutes and then you’re put on training immediately without wasting any time!

Main tasks

I had no Idea the company I was going to work with was an LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing).

I only found out after signing the contract and during my training.

LPO can be a good line of practice for those interested. Sadly for me I wasn’t very keen on working in an LPO.

Training period depends upon the work the firm has and the employees working.

Since its contractual many people leave and therefore they recruit many and all year round.

After about 10 days of training I was put on live job.

Main task – To fill in the required fields in the software after reading the contract/agreement.

We had to meet targets daily but if you couldn’t complete you could simply tell them the reason.

Some people really enjoyed their work for me it didn’t work somehow!

Work environment and people

People were very nice there. My colleagues were some really nice people. Very kind and helpful.

The Team leaders and Managers were very strict though!

You couldn’t recline back your chair and it was nearly impossible to sit in one position for that long.

NO PHONES ALLOWED ON THE FLOOR. You could go out to take calls but if you took long even that would have to be explained.

Very strict work environment could not talk or laugh! Lunch time was too short.

Best things

Some people were good and helpful. Made a few friends there. (though they would try not to keep friends together at one place).

Oh and they PAID ( The best part).

Bad things

Any tasks could be delegated to anyone without following proper hierarchy.

For the first few days we had no work and neither could we talk or surf the internet or use our phone. It was sort of frustrating and a wastage of time.

It was like each and everyone whoever crossed your bay would pass a comment on how to sit, not talk on phone, etc. Like no body could mind their business only cared about what the other person did.

All of this unfortunately led to my resignation (after completing a month).

Infact! I feel like a survivor after that 1 month.

I didn’t want to give up without trying but soon I realized it wasn’t of my interest so I didn’t want to waste my time there.

BUT many people are working there happily as they probably went unnoticed and never got pointed out for anything (like reclining back on the chair).


It was a contract for compensation of Rs 15,000/- per month for freshers.

Biggest Lessons

I left within a month and i was reminded about Maslows need hierarchy theory.

I realised I had to leave – Money was an incentive but I wasn’t learning anything neither did I want to continue in this field. I had to focus on my career at this point and not the money I was getting.

To stay in a company it was very essential to be treated well. A lot of people were very kind too. I wish some others would mind their business!

Any Other Thing

It is suitable for freshers looking for a job in the LPO sector.

It is one of the most upcoming LPOS that too in Chandigarh!

The company keeps growing its office (They had grown 3 fold in terms of their office within 3 months )

If you’re not in it for learning you could join here.

Gradually in LPOS they make you team leader which is a very well paid job and there are a lot of posts for the same.

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