Internship Experience @ State Law Office, Allahabad High Court

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Ashish Kumar Dwivedi, Army Institute of Law, IInd year, [email protected]

Name of the organisation, Location (city), Team strength


Application process with contact Details

You will have to fill a proforma provided by officers in state law office. A certificate Shall be issue, signed by Government Advocate for State of U.P.

Duration, Timings

Minimum 20 days; Maximum 30 days

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

On my first day I was introduced to Mr. N.K. Verma, Additional Government Advocate, under whose guidance I had to intern.

He was amongst the 700 AGAs appointed by UP Government. He was allotted a chamber in the office of Advocate General.

He told me about the court etiquettes and the formalities to be followed in the court room.

Main Tasks

The major work out their was just watching the proceedings of the court but Verma Sir used to check whether I was aware of the cases and the facts or not .

In the evening Mr. Nafis (court clerk) used to give us the the files of the major and interesting cases heard on that day.

Work environment, People

The work environment at Allahabad High Court was extraordinary. As the jurisdiction of High Court is very large so Verma Sir and his colleagues had a lot of cases.

Best Things

All Court Rooms are open for you. You can wander anywhere in any court premise and if you are lucky you will have opportunity to sit with law clerks of Honourable Judges who will tell you about their experiences in the field and will guide you for you next internship.

Once I got a chance to sit with a law clerk and on the same day in the same court room DGP of the State along with Secretary of the State, D.M. and S.S.P. were summoned. I had at that time a feeling of highness watching D.M. sweating profusely while I was sitting 😉 .

Bad Things

Though there are air conditioners in every Courtroom, the rooms are seldom ever pleasant. Most of the corners of the court are dirty with the chewed tobacco most lawyers eat (Verma sir wasn’t one of them), and you would meet many unpleasant people who do not have manners and way of talking.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

Your contacts are more important than your percentage.

Any Other Thing

I often used to sit after lunch in the court of Honourable Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud. It was an an honour for me to hear His Lordship.


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