Internship Experience @ State Crime Records Bureau, Chennai: Learnt about Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System

Name, College

Rohan Nahar, D.G. Vaishnav College, Chennai.

Course of study

B.A. Criminology & Police Administration.

Name of the Institution

State Crime Records Bureau, Tamilnadu State, Chennai.

Duration of internship

7 Days.

Procedure for Application

One may visit the office of the State Crime Records Bureau, Chennai and approach the Respectable ADSP or the ADGP and submit a formal requisition for internship. You must request for Dates, then can apply with a recommendation letter from the College.

Generally the Internship Period ranges from 4 days to a week. The ideal duration for internship at the Bureau would not be more than 7 days.

First day formalities and Infrastructure: Since it was my first day at the intern I had to be there earlier to complete the last few formalities. No sooner I was done with these work than that I was shown the place allocated for me.

It consisted of a desk with all the basic stationery required during work.

Next, an officer in the rank of Inspector was assigned for me, specially to impart knowledge about the Bureau , who also explained me the regular functioning of the Bureau and also highlighted the synopsis of my learning from it. Shrimati.

Shridevi, the ADSP of the State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) was in constant touch with me and the concerned police officer who was training me and took enough care to make sure that the environment was comfortable for me to learn.

First Day Formalities

At the very first day, I was made to sit with the newly recruited D.S.P’s and A.C.P’s – without any Bias who had come to the State Crime Records Bureau to undergo training.

Main Tasks

The main was to learn about the CCTNS – Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System, a newly introduced technology that gives a variety of Police Service to the Citizens and the Victims. The system also gives a tough job to the criminals who need to attend the Court proceedings.

It was learned that CCTNS is:

  • A mission mode project under National eGovernance Plan (NeGP).
  • A software to modernize the Police Force in the country.
  • Envisages Nation wide networking enabling sharing of information between Police Stations, State officers and security agencies.
  • Provides citizen interface to register complaints and to avail citizen services.
  • Covers 35 States/UTs.
  • Links 14,000 Police Stations and 6000 higher offices across the country.
  • Links 1492 Police stations and 353 higher offices in Tamil Nadu.
  • Centralized planning and decentralized implementation.
  • Apart from the above, it provides free online service such as filing a complaint with the Police, Viewing/Downloading an F.I.R/C.S.R once registered by the Police and also getting LDR (Lost Document report). Police Verification services (Paid) and online complaint status can also be seen from the CCTNS website without any additional costs.

It should be noted that only the initial level complaint can be lodged from the CCTNS website. For the application of any other type of complaint, that indicates a commission of ‘Cognisable offense’ it is required by law to visit the station personally and file a complaint.

Once, a complaint is filed from the CCTNS website, a notification would be sent to the Petitioner(complainant) and the Concerned A.C.P/D.S.P about the same, and it shall be resolved at the earliest.

Not only this, even the court are using these technologies by sending Summons through SMS to the Petitioner and the Accused, which lessens the hassle of sending summons through paper that saves a lot of money as well as time.

Since the above services were launched only a few years ago, many citizens are unaware of it. But must be noted and highly appreciate that SCRB is trying its best to convey to its citizens and making them aware of the newly introduced technology.

The ADGP – Shri. Seema Agarwal, IPS is one of the best lead and the most inspirational women who has dedicated her full interests for the welfare of the Citizens. She has been the backbone and the competent authority to the SCRB, without which the CCTNS would have only been a dream, rather than a reality.

However, the main job of the interns would be to make the people aware of CCTNS.

Good Things

The first one would be the office timings, it ensured that we spend some quality time for ourselves.

Next, I felt that the entire experience was so useful that it inspired me to do extensive study on the CCTNS and to educate more people on the same.

In spite of being a government office, this had the unique aspect of treating all Interns with due respect irrespective of their background.

Bad Things



No stipend policy is practiced at SCRB

Commuting to the office

The office of the State Crime Records Bureau is one and half kms (approximately) away from Mandaveli railway station and around 100 mts from MRC Nagar bust stop.


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