Intern Details

Name: Rashika Bajpai

1st Year, Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow

Duration of Internship

15 days. December, 2015

Working Hours

The court works from Monday to Friday and starts at 10 sharp. You are strictly required to stay there till lunch i.e. 1:00 pm, otherwise you do not get an attendance. After which staying becomes optional as court proceedings are no longer held and only paper work and filing continue.


You are required to reach the place in the advocate’s attire, i.e. Black and White combination including Blazer and Formal Shoes along with the recommendation letter from your college and your C.V. I was told to attend the court proceedings and to observe how an actual court runs.

You are allowed to go after lunch since there is nothing much to do. You are free to hang around the library and the canteen and are also free to talk to lawyers and judges after lunch.

You can even ask for copies of different judgments in order to read them and sometimes you are also allowed to take them home for a day. At the end of the internship period you are required to submit a report revolving around consumer disputes in India. After this you receive your certificate and are good to go.


It is definitely not a type of court that we would expect and would definitely serve as a reality check for students of 1st year who have not attended the court before. Hearings of these cases are done within 5 minutes and there is barely a thing that you would be able to understand as it is impossible to know the history and facts of each and every case.

Most court rooms deal with cases in Hindi therefore it becomes even more difficult for interns to understand the proceedings. There is nothing new to ‘observe’ after the first two days, but you continue doing this for the whole internship period, everyday for three hours!

You barely get to meet dynamic lawyers, but when you do, talk to them. Also you should take their number for your next internship! Since they are the best source knowledge and would give you a lot of information about litigation in general. This is where you actually learn in your internship. Also do check out the library.

You can talk to the amazing judges who in turn teach you a lot (use your time with them wisely as they are mostly busy).

But all this is not really a part of your internship, observing and submitting the report is! While I was an intern there and got to learn how that works. As most people will see this internship as wasting time for the certificate only, I see it as a way of meeting good judges and some good lawyers and creating more internships for later!

As a budding lawyer these interactions are very important. Also the fruitfulness of the internship depends on your efforts to interaction since these interactions are not a part of the internship and you would get a certificate nevertheless.

You get to meet people and also get to learn a little if not much which makes it, if not a very good but a good internship for students who are going for their first internship with the added bonus of a certificate (why exhaust your good options at a time when you yourself do not know much about law). I might not recommend it for others but it is open for all law students.

How to Reach

I got the internship through the internship and placement committee of our college but you can even reach them directly by giving them a call. They just take you and minimum effort is required from your side.



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