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Internship Experience at SS Hora and Associates, Jaipur: Litigation Research

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Name of the Intern, Year and College



15th January 2021 – 14th February 2021

The duration of the internship has to be for a minimum period of 3 weeks. 


2 PM- 9/10 PM

Mode of Internship

Physical- In office. 

About the Firm and Practice Areas

SS Hora & Associates is a litigation firm founded and headed by Mr. Swadeep Singh Hora. The predominant practice areas of the firm include Criminal Laws, Civil and Contractual Laws, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Property Laws and various White Collar Crimes/Economic Offences.

The firm has spread its footprints in District and High Courts of Rajasthan along with the Supreme Court of India. Swadeep Sir basically dealt with all the matters related to the high courts and supreme court while his Associates handled the different matters in the District courts. 

Full Address of the Organization and Contact Details


Address- A 403-406, 4th Floor, North Block, World Trade Park, J.L.N Marg, 

Jaipur-302017, Rajasthan, India. 

Contact Details- 098290 55960, 09928111960 

(Mr. Swadeep Singh Hora Sir- Managing Partner of the Firm)

Other contacts: 09982260006 , 07905779846 

(Mrs. Gesu Hora, Partner)

Email: swadeep.hora@gmail.com; sshora.internship@gmail.com

Website: http://www.sshora-associates.com/ 

Application Procedure

All the students are eligible to apply for this internship but it is to highlight that the selection depends on your CV and Cover Letter. 

I applied for the internship by sending my CV along with the Cover Letter at sshora.internship@gmail.com. 

The Opportunity Amidst the Gloom-Applying for the Internship

The year 2020 has been a difficult year for all and sundry. The pandemic had unleashed uncertainty, stagnancy and bouts of anxiety in lives of everyone. It was a challenging year for me too. I had just entered my III semester of 2nd year of Law School and having had no great experience in Internships, I was keenly looking for an opportunity that can open a new avenue for me.   I was a bit sceptical about getting an internship at a law firm with the minimal experience I was able to gather till then, but keeping faith in my abilities, I sent numerous applications. 

I was primarily looking for a  litigation Internship and sent numerous applications to different litigation firms in Jaipur, two months prior to the date of joining. After a week of sending my application, I followed up via the call and contacted Mr Swadeep Singh Hora, the Founding and Managing Partner of the firm.

During our telephonic correspondence, Sir was extremely polite and asked me a few questions related to my academics and curricular activities in college. After a detailed discussion, he provided me with an internship opportunity. As a young law student,  I was extremely ecstatic having secured an internship at a litigation firm and that too a physical one. 

The Beginning Shenanigans

As you enter one of the tall and busy buildings of Jaipur where the office is situated, you get anxious and excited about the journey you are willing to undertake. The office is situated on the 4th floor of the business hub of Jaipur, the World Trade Park or popularly known as WTP. 

As I am a resident of Jaipur, I visited the office two days prior to the joining date. There I met Sir and his associates. I was introduced to Ms. Divyanshi Tahilani, one of the associates and the Internship Coordinator. She informed me about the timings and other modalities related to the internship. 

Thereafter, I joined the office from 15th January 2021. On the first day of my Internship, Swadeep Sir was not available at the office as he had gone to the High Court. Ms. Divyanshi ma’am acquainted me with work ethics and nature of tasks that the internship would entail. 

On my first day, I was given a research proposition and I had to find a case law to support the said proposition. The case law was required on an urgent basis and I was given just 1 hour to complete my research. I completed the research and provided a case law that proved beneficial for the case at hand. I was praised by my seniors and hence the stat of my internship was pretty amazing. Subsequently, the first week involved getting well versed with the nature of matters that the firm dealt with and research work. 

Main Tasks

The work primarily revolved around researching and finding various case laws related to different matters which the firm is actually dealing with at a particular point of time. We were provided with different research propositions and had to complete our research in a limited time frame. After that, we had to collate our research and present it to Swadeep Sir who personally verified all the research that was conducted by us. 

Secondly, the interns under the supervision of Divyanshi ma’am had the responsibility to make sure that the case files were ready for the next day. The work generally comprised preparing case indexes, case briefs and collating all the required documents in a single file. 

Additionally, the interns were also supposed to assist the associates for the different matters they were working upon.

The Learnings

If I were to describe my internship and allied experience using a few words, they would be time bound, challenging, intuitive, diligence and precise. There was ample working, growing and learning opportunity in the internship. My researching skills increased manifold and I acquired a lot of knowledge related to different areas of law. From my personal experience I would advise everyone to be diligent their work and always take initiative. Even if there is no work available, approach Sir his associates and help them in best possible way you can. Besides, the work undertaken should be completed sincerely, well in time and in an efficacious way. Furthermore, one should also spend some time to interact with associates and co interns as these discussions gives immense experience and provides one with a new perspective. Besides, you get an opportunity to make connections and enlarge your network. 

Good Things

I wanted to have a good insight of the world of litigation and I leant things from a bird eye view. I could comprehend and understand the nature of work and pressure that the world of litigation provides you with and it became an important leaning aspect for me. Furthermore, I could understand more about the actual world of litigating and drafting as reading the actual case files is no less interesting than reading a good thriller book. 

There was hardly any day where I fell short of work and every day I had to complete a new task. Further upon I learned about the importance of team work and working with my co interns enabled me to form new friendships and connections.

Bad Things

Though as cliché, as it sounds every coin, does have two sides. There were certain things that were demotivating in the course of internship. Firstly there were no leaves or holidays and we were supposed to work on Sundays or national holidays too.

Secondly, though ironical as it sounds the weekends were the most stressful and bust days as we had to prepare for the next week and surprisingly Sundays were the busiest days in the entire week.

Thirdly, the timings of the form were very problematic. The work used to start after 2 PM in the afternoon and continued late till 9 or 10 PM. Sometimes, it would extend to 11 PM and this was very problematic majorly for the female interns and associates. The workload, timings and absence of holidays made this internship a very tiresome experience.


It was an unpaid internship. 

I am exceptionally ambivalent about putting my experience into binaries of good or bad. It is no wonder that I learnt a lot about the world of litigation but the work-life balance that I witnessed was somewhat off-putting. Therefore, I would just like to describe it as an experience leaving it on the readers to judge whether it was good or bad.

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