Internship Experience @ Society of Pollution and Environmental Conservation Scientists (SPECS), Dehradun

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Harshit Singh Jadoun

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Application Process with contact details

The Application process is quite simple.

One just need to send and e-mail on to informing them about the requirements of your internship with exact period of time you want to intern.

Contact person: Dr. Brij Mohan Sharma, Chief Functionary

Phone : 09411719465 -09412938991


Duration of internship and timings

The time period of my Internship was from 23rd September till 22nd October.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The Head office of the Organization was quite far away from the main city with several other small centers in the city.

I thought first day would be quite hectic because of various formalities that organization demand before becoming its member but it was not so, just a print of the e-mail did the work for me.

I went to the Head person and he asked me to start the work from first day itself and told me as and when I would proceed, I would get to know about the function of different staff present there.

The infrastructure was a decent one, as the NGO has been operating since 1995 the office looked an old one but amount of work done by them demanded appreciation.

As soon as I entered the office I could see many interns working there with quite mature and aged people who had been a part of this NGO helping them out which gave me the essence that even I would get to learn a lot from them.

Main tasks

There was no fixed task that was assigned to me for one month period but I was given different types of task for each day. Initially I was asked to handle the paper work whatever that was there.

The quantum of work done by the NGO in a week was to be prepared and submitted to the Head office.

The main work of the organization was Conservation of the Environment and creating awareness the public about the need to do so.

The NGO even worked towards protecting people from food adulteration and suggesting techniques which can be adopted itself in home to prevent buying every materials from stores.

Work environment and people

The work environment as well as the people were quite supportive and encouraging. The staff was dedicated towards their work which boosted everyone to give their best in the work.

This was first time I learned of things doing practically which up till now i had not done up to this extent, it provided an excellent learning environment.

Best things

The best things that i found in the working of the NGO was that no one was treated as if he/she was working under someone or any authority, every intern was given freedom to do what they want which helped the NGO and our views in any topic were extremely noticed and taken care of.

The head of the NGO had the habit of rewarding the interns for every small work that he/she did which acted as an incentive for others to do well.

The campaigns held by the organization gave us an opportunity to interact with the public and their views and problems regarding environment, it even improved our communication skills as we were the one being youngster given the opportunity to take up the stage and address the audience.

We got in contact with many officials like District Magistrate o the city to take his help in taking action anything or any work being done against the environment.

Bad things

Every organization has one or two minor issues which come up for certain time period but they are not to be mentioned here in this case.


No Stipend

Biggest Lessons

Working in the NGO was great experience being my first Internship I got to learn various lesson being the member of the organization.

Firstly, there are many people in the society who only complaint of the government not functioning but try to assist or give a helping hand to make it function.

Secondly, I found that it takes a lot of effort to build up any organization and a great deal of team effort is required to make it work.

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