Internship Experience @ S Majumdar, Delhi: IPR Work, Wonderful People

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Shreyans Ritolia, Law college Dehradun, 3rd Year

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S Majumdar

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I got through my own contacts. One can fill the form at S Majumdar website in the internship column. See here.

Duration of internship and timings

1st July 2016 to 31st July 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was called around 10 am and was instructed to wait after 10 min my senior came to whom I was answerable during my whole internship period.

In S. Majumdar they are strict about the dress code and office timings.

Infrastructure was very good. They have a very big office.

Main tasks

S. Majumdar is an IPR firm.

I had drafted TM applications, researched in various topics of IPR law, I haven’t studied IPR laws but then also my seniors used to make me understand the law first and then give me work.

Again I got the opportunity to draft the written submission. I mainly worked in trademarks and copyrights.

Work environment and people

I previously interned with many firms but as compared to them S. Majumdar was having a very good environment. I met lots of good human souls and they helped me a lot and tried to make me learn.

They are very inclined towards their work and it gave me the feeling and I learnt how to love the law. The people who work there were very good.

Best things

The best thing was they understand your capability and give the work. One instance I would share, I didn’t knew starting not even a single word I could write but my senior trusted me and given me to draft the written submission and various application.

So best thing is that they trusted their interns and make them learn.

Biggest Lessons

If you want to be successful and to become the good lawyer try to learn how to read and the humility which is needed to become a very good human being

Any Other Thing

Delhi is a great place. One should definitely travel and explore the city .


I had my own house in Delhi so I didn’t stayed in PG. As the office was situated in Lajpat Nagar so lots of PGsare there nearby, with a reasonable price.

Office Timings

10 A.M. To 6.00 P.M

If you will be late they will not say you anything but the atmosphere of the office is such you yourself will be ashamed that you are late.



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