Internship Experience @ Rostrum, Raipur: Friendly People, Rs. 4500 Stipend

Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Sanjana Bharadwaj, IInd year, [email protected]

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Rostrum, Raipur.

Application Process

 You can apply to Rostrum by sending your CV along with a cover letter at [email protected].

Duration of internship and timings

My internship was for 5 weeks, starting from 6th June to 12th July.

The interns are required to work for 7 hours. I would come to the office by 9:30-9:45 and would leave by 4:30.

The office is open till 6-6:30 in the evening, so for anyone if morning timings are not suitable, they can come by 10, 10:30 and can leave only when their 7 hour shift is over.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On my first day, I was handed down a paper to describe why I wanted to intern in a Research oriented organisation. After that, we were briefed about the organisation and the task which would do. I was introduced to the workstation which was very simple, not too gaudy.

Everyone had their own workstation assigned.

Main tasks

In the first week of internship, my task was to prepare model questions on variety of elements of law ranging from torts, vicarious liability, volenti non fit injuria, defamation strict and absolute liability to Hindu law.

I was also deputed to prepare notes on Criminal law- Murder, Culpable homicide, Torts and Contracts. I also studied and prepared modules on the Sale of Goods Act which was interesting as I was studying contracts.

Rostrum in the name of CLAT Crackers also provides legal education to CLAT aspirant students. I also took a class on Constitutional law.

Work environment and people

The work environment is super fun, cozy, not at all formal, strict or filled with boring people. The people in the office were amazing, very helpful, kind and courteous.

I would disturb them even for a small and frivolous matter and they would not get irritated. To respond to a query on small things without getting irritated and that to again and again is something I really admired in the office!

Best things

This was only my second internship and I loved being a part of it! The office is surrounded by warm people and I did not regret the internship for a day.

The office is surrounded by eateries, so you can go out and have a good lunch outside. We had bean bags in the office so when no one was there, we would lay back, enjoy and GOSSIP.

Bad things

I would not count anything in the internship as bad!


Yes! 4500 per month.

Biggest Lessons

Mind your own business. Don’t be bothered by what other is doing and try to grasp and learn what is being offered to you. Do not crib. I never had this feeling throughout my internship that I could have gone to a better place’, or ‘this is so boring’.

Whether you like it or not, being a law student you need to do research. Lots and lots of research.

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