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Internship Experience @ Rostrum Legal, Bangalore: Helpful Environment, Stipend Promised but Not Paid

By: The Admin | July 30, 2019

Name of the intern

Shubhangi Tripathi



Rostrum Legal

Application Process

I had to send my CV along with a cover letter to Rostrum Legal.


February 2019 to March 2019

First Day

It is a small start-up in a rented apartment shared with other startups.

The first day I was introduced to my supervisor who was humble and helpful and she acquainted me with the tasks I had to discharge.

Main tasks

The startup offers online legal courses and as an intern, my job was to draft these courses on the subjects and format provided to me by my supervisor.


The environment was amazing; my supervisor was extremely helpful and supportive.

She attended to my queries.

Best things

There was nothing good about the internship except for my supervisor.

As people who have taken up courses from the startup must know that it’s extremely unprofessional.

Bad things

When I applied for the internship I was promised a stipend of rupees 2000-4000, where I drafted 11 courses for the organization and wrote at least 3 elaborate articles and it has been 4 months and I am being denied my stipend.

I wanted to share this experience with my fellow law students because being a law student I felt cheated with no remedy. I wrote 1000s of emails to the Founder Mr. […], called him and texted him about the same but ultimately the people there stopped taking my calls.


Promised, but not paid.

I feel cheated because being a young founder himself Mr. […] should have respected my hard work and the money that I earned from it.

Biggest Lessons

To never work with startups with zero reputation and only a thousand paid adds on Lawctopus is the only lesson learned in this month of hard work.

The official response by Anurag Parihar, founder of Rostrum Legal:

There was a delay in the payment due to some issues in the company. The payment for the stipend is done now.

Because of the backgrounds from which we have come we totally understand the struggles which a law student goes through. We never believed in considering law students as cheap or free labour.

Miss Shubhangi was a great intern and we are glad she was a part of our team. The research work which she has done is of really good quality and some of it has also been incorporated in our courses.

We sincerely apologize to her for the troubles which she faced due to some miscommunication and the fault on our part. We have also conveyed this to her through an email.

Note: Rostrum Legal has been a regular advertiser Lawctopus. To maintain our editorial independence, we maintain an arms-length relationship with our advertisers.

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