Internship Experience @, New Delhi [Online Internship]

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength, Feminist Apartment, New Delhi

Application Process

The site has internship details under the head ‘internship’ on the home page.

Alternatively, it posts internships on sites like and

They require a CV and you need to fill a form with some basic questions. They are prompt in their reply and usually revert within a week if selected.

Duration of internship and timings

2 months, can be extended.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Since the RespectWomen internship is an online internship, there is no office or formalities as such!

However, the selected interns are sent a few guidelines, stating the number of articles, word limit, style of writing and other requirements.

Main tasks

The main task is writing articles under different headings.

The main headings are Feminism Redefined, Women’s Guide, Women Achievers etc. There is considerable flexibility allowed while writing.

However, the topics need to be approved before you write an article.

Work environment and people

The intern will generally get a feedback on the articles written.

The interns at RespectWomen are required to write on different topics. I wrote about marriage, rape laws, female genital mutilation, people like Shubhreet Kaur, Angelina Jolie etc.

respectwomen online internship

Best things

The best thing is that you can hone your writing skills and learn about a variety of issues. There is regular feedback on articles written.

The intern is also appreciated for the well-written articles.



Biggest Lessons

If you want to learn, respectwomen will give you an opportunity. Use it wisely.


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