Intern Details

Naman Khatwani

WBNUJS, 2nd year.

Internship Details

Rajender Chhabra (Delhi Legal Cell), Delhi.

4 week internship.


2 room office in Moti Nagar.

Team strength – 1 associate, 1 clerk and a couple of other interns.

Apply at [email protected]

I stayed an hour away in Kailash Colony.

Timings – 10 am to 9:30 pm

First day I was called directly to the Tis Hazari court where in I met sir and assisted him.
Main tasks

This is a place where in you get to know complete practical knowledge of the criminal litigation in district and sessions court as well as in high court.

We were assigned the task of inspecting the files of the cases disposed off and cases in trial. Accordingly I had to prepare bills.

We were also assigned drafting of criminal appeals, bail applications, revision petition, criminal complaints etc.

Sir also allowed us to accompany him in front of Hon’ble high court as well as district courts.

Work environment, people

Friendly working environment, not very professional. Mrityunjay sir his only associate and he’s very helpful, caring and makes you understand each and every small small things.

Best things

Sir is very helpful, caring,  always available to clear any doubts which arise in our minds.

The best part is you are never sitting free he will always assign you some work which turns out to be informative.

And importantly what I liked the most was sir will never feel you hungry. Jokes apart but this is best place if you are interested in criminal litigation.

Bad things

When there is a lot of work, we’ve to stay back upto 10:30 sometimes. Also, sundays working if required.

No stipend.

Biggest lessons

You come to realize that litigation in initial stage is an uphill task. But working with such an senior will help you a lot.

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  1. I, Rishi Raj, am a student of final year, B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) at National Law University Odisha. I interned at the chamber of Advocate Rajender Chhabra in the month of November-December 2016.
    Mr. Rajender Chhabra is a legal aid counsel at Delhi High Court Legal Service Committee (DHCLSC) As well as District Court Legal Services Committee (DCLSC) and deals with legal aid matters, mostly criminal cases and the kind of exposure we are given is rare and exciting.
    It is a perfect place for students who are looking to make a career in criminal law litigation. In this internship, the interns learn the practical aspect of the criminal law litigation as well as good research in the field of criminal law. Rajender Sir and Mrutunjay Sir were always present to help in case anyone needed any assistance. We were given work relating to filing petitions, appearing before the judges, visiting police stations to understand how the police investigation works through which we learnt the real mechanism of criminal litigation and dealing with the clients directly. We were also permitted to participate in client counseling which in itself was a great learning experience. We had to stay till 9:30 p.m. almost every day to work on the matters which were listed for the next day. We were also given drafting work such as drafting writ petition (under Article 226 of the Constitution of India), application under Section 127 Cr.P.C., Complaints, Civil Miscellaneous Petitions, filing RTIs and various other notices.
    It is the perfect place to learn the practical aspect of criminal law litigation.

  2. I Pallav Gupta am a student of B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) at Gujarat National Law University (GNLU). I interned at the chambers of Advocate Rajender Chhabra in the month of November 2016.
    Mr. Rajender Chhabra is a legal aid counsel at Delhi High Court Legal Service Committee (DHCLSC) As well as District Court Legal Services Committee (DCLSC) and deals with legal aid matters, mostly criminal cases and the kind of exposure we are given is rare and exciting. Those who are looking for hands on experience in criminal law, this is the best place to be!
    The work at the Courts (Delhi High Court & District courts) mostly involved going through the cause list, taking Passovers in Court, learning Court proceedings, observing arguments, filing work, filing processing fees, collecting Dasti orders etc.
    Though I am in my first year, Rajender sir and Jai sir allowed me to assist them in drafting writ petition (under Article 226 of the Constitution of India), contempt petition under section 12 of Contempt of Courts Act, 1971, divorce petition under section 14 of Hindu Marriage Act,1955, filing RTIs and various other notices. I was lucky enough to observe how these petitions are filed and how law takes its course. We were allowed to interact with the clients at office and understand their grievances and problems. We were given the task of finding judgments of the Apex court dealing with particular questions of law which were then placed before the Hon’ble High Court and District Courts to decide accordingly.
    The best thing about the internship is that you never sit idle as Jai sir always provides you with some drafting work or any other (Relevant!) research work. Both Rajender Sir and Jai sir are very friendly and made us eat a lot! Sometimes we had to stay back in the office till 11:30 p.m. and sir made sure that we weren’t hungry. Sir treated all the interns in the High Court Canteen almost every day and snacks were a must in the evening. Rajender Sir’s anecdotes and Surender sir’s supply of coffee never ran out of supply!
    During the internship, I faced the reality of Courts; how to argue a case in real courtroom, how to draw the attention of ‘your Lordship’ and consider myself very lucky to learn the art of drafting petitions at such an early stage of my law School life!

  3. I am Meet Pansuria pursuing B.A. LL.B. third year at NIRMA UNIVERSITY, AHMEDABAD.
    I did my internship here for three weeks at the chambers of advocate Rajender Chhabra.
    The internship experience was great and I learned alot. sir allowed us to interact with clients which helped us in harnessing our client dealing skills. we used to accompany him to various District Courts of Delhi, High Court of Delhi and various other government departments. these practical experiences have increased my interest in the legal field, especially litigation.

    Rajender Sir’s associate Mrityunjai sir was a true inspiration during the entire period of internship and his unending zeal and commitment towards the work inspired us all.
    I look forward to working under the guidance of Rajender Sir in near future.

  4. I am Pallavi Mishra, a student of 3rd year studying in Amity Law School, Delhi (IP). I interned in the chambers of Adv. Rajender Chhabra in the month of July, 2016 .
    The experience has been good so far, one gets to learn a variety of work here right starting from drafting , filing to even pleading.
    The work environment is quite professional and punctuality is appreciated. Sir has been very cooperative all through and clears the smallest of doubts .
    Mrityunjay Sir is also quite helping and friendly in nature . For someone who is looking forward to actually learn something in criminal litigation , this internship is worth doing.

  5. I, Tanima Sood, am a student of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Delhi. I interned here for 4 weeks in the month of July. It was a very learning experience. Sir was extremely patient. I would end up asking a million question( which gets really irritating for anyone), but he would answer every question of mine taking full interest and ensured I never left without understanding the work I had to do. The work environment was amazing. Sir was very friendly with all the interns and was very helpful. I was given a variety of work and got exposure in various areas of law. I learned how to make briefings of cases and improved my researching skills. The research work pertained to several diverse areas which allowed gaining a better practical knowledge and insight of wide variety of laws. This is a place where in you get to know complete practical knowledge of the criminal litigation in district and sessions court as well as in high court. I also got to interact with the clients which was a great lesson. I shall suggest anyone to intern with him atleast once in the span of the five years of law school. You will not only be taught about the subject of law, but about each and every aspect of life.

  6. I am Shivam Dubey student of BALLB 2nd year of kiit school of law,Bhubaneshwar .I interned for 3 weeks in the month of july 2016 at DELHI LEGAL CELL under the guidence of Adv.Rajendra Chhabra.
    The main task was to go with him in different proceedings at different district courts of Delhi and observe the proceedings because at the end of the day he used to ask what you learnt and observed.

    The best thing was working with such a famous criminal lawyer and because of ample work you get the opportunity to witness end number of proceedings throughout your internship period which really gives you the opportunity to learn the practical procedure of filing a case in the court

    You should have an art to extract the things from your advocate’s knowledge and experience otherwise you’ll not be able to learn any thing.If you are planning to intern there you should keep one thing in mind that amount of work you want to do will entirely depend upon your dedication. If your are less serious about work, then you yourself would be losing something. So, work hard and have some patience as these qualities are indispensable to succeed in any career relating to law be it litigation, corporate etc.
    If anybody is getting a chance to intern there, one should not give a second thought on that and this is a must do internship .

  7. I am Sahil kumar pursuing (BA LLB) second year at


    I am a second year student and I did my internship for 1 month at the Chambers of advocate Rajender Chhabra.
    It is an experience worth sharing with all aspiring criminal law students.

    Those who are looking for an hands on experience in criminal law,this is the best place to be.
    Chhabra Sir and his associate Mr. Mritunjay have been really helpful all throughout my journey of this one month internship. They have been up to solve any queries regarding any matter.
    The very first day of my internship I was called to Tis Hazari Court directly and had the opportunity to assist Sir in two cases. Subsequent visits to the court with Sir made me gain experience and understand the functioning of the courts. Also visits to the police station and client meetings have been really helpful for my growth in this field.
    All facilities were provided for to me and the other interns by Chhabra sir to facilitate our learning experience in office as well as during visits.

    Furthermore I’m highly obliged to have been given the opportunity by Sir to learn more and I’m thankful for his faith in my work

  8. I am Priyanka Kambhampati stident of Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad. I interned in the chambers of advocate Rajender Chhabra in the month of May 2016.

    First things first! No intern will leave this place without learning anything. If anyone is looking for a place to learn something in an internship this place is certainly the one. By interning here I got to know how the entire litigation process go through. This internship is a much needed exposure to the practicalities of the legal profession.

    Coming to the office. There are three rooms and the office is run by chhabra sir. Mrityunjay sir, his associate and surender sir takes care of all of us. The work is mostly in tis hazari district courts and high court. Chhabra sir is a wonderful person and an awesome mentor. He assigns you various tasks like research, drafting complaints, petitions etc. Taking care of the files for the next day proceedings, taking pass overs and adjournments from the judge which constitute a major role in the entire litigation process. It is quite helpful. It helps us build confidence in a way. Jay sir is a really sweet person. He ensures that you will leave the office learning something and gives tasks accordingly. He is very helpful and friendly that you can approach him if you need any help with the work allotted. He is not angry over our mistakes instead he helps us rectify them. He is very understanding in that way. Chhabra sir feeds us a lot of yum stuff and surender sir takes care of us. If we stay till late in the office he drops us home even though we live nearby. They are flexible while approaching for off’s if you have a genuine issue.

    They are very nice people. I came to delhi for the first time to intern. They made sure that I was well and delhi doesnt seem a place where I know nobody. Court visits are hectic at the same time fun with jay sir and chhabra sir around.

    The experience I got from this internship is something I was never exposed to before despite interning 3 times in other places. Sir deals with legal aid matters mostly criminal cases and the kind of exposure we are given is rare and exciting. I have got to learn a lot in this period a lot of stuff professionally and personally. I had a good time here while learning something. An internship like this is very much necessary in our student life and I am glad I interned here. It is truly a great experience.

  9. Young Law Students are suggested to read the following books from the beginning of their LL.B. whether it is 5 years or 3 years, if they want to become the best Criminal Lawyers mould your life to study more about Major and Minor Criminal Laws.

    Sit in the Library or purchase these books and study slowly and for full judgments, refer the relevant Law Journals ..

    1. Advocates Practice .. Sri Padala Rama Reddi ( 2 Vols.) Asia Law House, Hyd. ( publisher )

    2. Law of Deeds, Instruments and Documents with allied Matters .. V.S.R. Avadhani; V. Soubhagyavalli.

    3. Criminal Investigation .. V.S.R. Avadhani;

    4. Science of Evidence .. V.S.R. Avadhani;

    5. Law of Crimes and Criminology .. R.P. Kathuria .. 4 vols. ( Vinod Publications )

    6. Criminal Trial .. S.P. Tyagi and his other books on Bail, Anticipatory Bail.

    7. Encylopedia of Police Law and Crimes .. Vinod Nijhawan .. 4 vols.

    8. Mallicks Practical Hints on Cross Examination

    9. Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation and Trial .. Dr. Gupta and Agarwal

    10. Acquittal .. Monthly Law Journal.

    11. International Principles on the Independence and Accountability of Judges, Lawyers and Prosecutors .. A Practitioners’ Guide …. Practitioners’ Guide Series N 1 .. International Commission of Jurists, Geneva, Switzerland 2004. ( for pdf search in the Google )

    12. Law Commission Reports relating to Criminal Laws

    13. Criminal Law Pleadings. ( study in depth about the filing procedure )

    Interns before joining the office of any Senior are suggested to go through the above said books. Your Senior’s expertise and timely suggestions will help you a lot. First attend the Magistrate Courts to know the procedural law. How to file a Bail Application, how to argue? how to present your case? what you have to do if your Bail petition is rejected? if Bail petition is allowed by the Court, when you have to produce the Surities and the relevant documents to be produced? how to obtain the Court Order and how the accused will be released etc. ( these clues will be available in Cr.P.C. under relevant sections relating to Magistrate Courts.) F.I.R. is a public copy ( refer Indian Evidence Act ) in some Police Stations Police Officers are rejecting to issue FIR copy to the third parties. Insurance Investigators are obtaining the said copies by filing RTI Applications on behalf of the Insurance Company. Police Officials are rejecting the issue of FIR Copies.

    Young Interns have to understand that State is being represented by Public Prosecutor ( Sec. 24 of Cr.P.C.). Study about the role, power, nature of work of Public Prosecutors. To understand more about the Fair Trial read the Book. No. 11 as mentioned above.

    Understand the role of Defense Counsels .. accused are being represented by the Defense Counsels. At Trial Courts only a few Advocates are dealing with Sessions Cases.

    Next step .. study about the Chief and Cross Examination techniques, what to ask, what not to ask you have to know. ( you have to know whether you have to prove the guilty or innocence of accused ) how to conduct Chief and Cross Examination of Prosecution witnesses and Defense Witnesses ( refer Indian Evidence Act )

    Next .. Arguments .. oral or written arguments and submission of suitable judgments in support of your case ( preferably latest judgments ).

    Waiting for the Order and getting the order. Basing on the Judgment what you have to do next. You have to know when you have to approach Sessions Court or High Court or Supreme Court.

    Young Law interns have to keep in the mind the above mentioned few points.

    From the Trial Courts to Supreme Court .. IPC, Cr.P.C. Evidence Act and Criminal Rules of Practice are one and the same. By paying lakhs of rupees towards the Law Course and joining the reputed Law Universities or Colleges, if you don’t understand the above may not be useful.

    Be practical, live realistically and naturally in tune with modern times. 20 years back Law practice is entirely different from the present days. Sow the right seeds now and make efforts to become the best Criminal Lawyer. Another clue is don’t neglect to learn about the filing of Civil cases. You should have proper knowledge of both Civil and Criminal Pleadings.

    In case of Companies .. Under Companies Act, 2013 .. Chapter XXVIII is dealing with “Special Courts”. Company Prosecutors will be appointed by the Central Govt. Under Sec. 443; The persons so appointed are to have all the powers and privileges conferred by the Code on Public Prosecutors appointed under Sec. 24 of Cr.P.C. ( The nature, work, powers and privileges, filing procedure of Company Prosecutors is very lesser known to the present Trial Court Advocates. .. more discussions are required on this.)

    Under Sec. 13 of Cr.P.C. Special Courts will be established.

    So study in depth.

    Wish you all the best.

  10. Young Law students have to know the structure of the Criminal Courts i.e. Magistrate Courts, Asst. Sessions Judge Courts, Addl. Sessions Judge Courts and Sessions Judge Court. Read the Criminal Procedure Code and segregate the sections to practice at each Court as mentioned above.

    If you want in depth knowledge of Criminal Laws you have to commence your journey from Magistrate Court gradually you have to study about the procedures being followed at Asst. Sessions and Sessions Court, High Court and Supreme Court. Trial Court Advocates who wants to succeed may follow the above procedure.

    Another clue is .. under what section and what Act? cases are being filed in the above said each Court? what is the filing procedure? Role of P.Ps and Defense Counsels? Knowledge about the Trial? and presentation of the facts before the Court upto the satisfaction of the Court.

    General tussle is evidence relating to primary evidence and secondary evidence. P.Ps want to punish the guilty, Defense Counsels want to protect the accused till the said person is convicted.

    Generally more number of Advocates are practicing at Magistrate Courts, Sessions Court practice is within the hands of few Advocates. Before entering into active practice concentrate more on studying in depth of I.P.C., Cr.P.C. Indian Evidence Act, Criminal Rules of Practice, Prisons Manual, etc.

    Books useful .. Read the two volumes of “Advocates Practice” .. Sri Padala Rama Reddi and Criminal Law books of Sri V.S.R. Avadhani like Criminal Investigation, Science of Evidence, Criminal Trial by S.P. Tyagi ( Vinod Publications ) and his books on Bail, Anticipatory Bail etc. Major Criminal Laws, Minor Criminal Laws. To sharpen your skills study the Law Commission Reports relating to Criminal Laws.

    Interns have to thank your Senior who is guiding you to develop on your own. One life is not sufficient to study the Criminal Laws. Advocates are ever learning students of Law.

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