Internship Experience @ RK Dewan & Co, New Delhi: Great Work Environment, Good IPR Work

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

R. K. Dewan & Co. 236 & 237, Vardhman Fashion Mall, Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034.

The Delhi office was headed by Mr. NK Bharadwaj, advocate at the Delhi court having his expertise in the field of Copyright matter.

The firm otherwise had 2 senior associates dealing with Patent matter and a separate associate dealing with Trademark matters.

The litigation work was carried out by another associate who was an assistant to Mr. Bharadwaj Sir.

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Application Process

I sent them an e-mail along with my resume at for the application of internship and then after processing my request, I got a confirmation mail within a week regarding the confirmation of my internship.

Going by the merit of your application, you might be asked to go through a telephonic interview along with a writing sample on an IPR topic of interest.

Duration of internship and timings

4 weeks. 2nd June to 28th June, 2014. The office timings were 10 AM to 6:30 PM. However, it could extend beyond that depending upon the amount of work volume.

The timings weren’t so strictly followed, yet a decency code was expected to be maintained. Second and Fourth Saturday of the month were observed as a holiday.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first day at the office was exciting. As RK Dewan & Co have always been known for an extremely warmth working environment and for their helping associates, I was keen to meet a host of good people who value both work and a good stay at the office.

On the first day, I was very informally introduced to all the associates and head of the firm and was asked to familiarize myself in the field of IPR laws. I was given my work station and the net connection and was asked to read the newsletter of the RKD and the latest happenings in the field of IPR.

The Delhi office is a relatively newer branch of the RKD & Co. The office was compact yet sufficient enough to carry out the amount of work. There was a separate room allotted for meeting and other directional classes.

rk dewan and co internship, ipr law internshipMain tasks

The team at R. K. Dewan & Co. comprises of total 6 associates and a head, Mr. Bharadwaj Sir. The interns were taken a special care of and were given a separate room to carry out all the work related to the firm.

Mr. Bharadwaj was the person in charge who used to assign us the work on a daily basis and made it sure that we are able to extract out knowledge, reasoning and application out of the same.

The work ranged from drafting of the plaints related to trademark infringement and copyright violation. I was asked to prepare the Patent applications of prosecution of the US clients.

The associates at the office ensured that the interns could make the best use of their time, we were sent to copyright office and trademark/patent office for filing/registration of the application.

We were asked to accompany the seniors to various client meetings and asked to make a brief on the same. There were many formats relating to the particulars of an audio/video disk, that we were asked to compile according to the set provision laid down in the act.

I got an opportunity to assist Mr. Bhadarwaj in many issues related to Agreement violation, change in company name and Legal Metrology Act.

Work environment and people

R.K. Dewan & Co. has always extracted gold in terms of the working environment they provide. The office, its staff and the fellow interns were like a one big family, which worked together, had lunch together, had an evening walk together, who even had a “dekkho” at the Parliament Sessions on TV, and what not!

Apart from work, and as a part of work, I had a memorable time of learning so much and gaining the various life lessons that one regularly got during the lunch hours from the fellow associates.

It’s absolutely tougher for the others to match upto this level of hospitality and warmth that the office and staff provided us along with the unlimited dose of coffee, snacks and life lessons.

Best things

The best part was obviously the work environment that this firm had to offer. Even if an intern wants to know and learn a thing, Mr. Bharadwaj Sir and the fellow associates made sure that the internee was well satisfied and benefited from the work allotted to him.

It was more than us, the people at the firm, who wanted us to make the best utilization of these 4 weeks and learn as much as we can.

Bad things

Difficult to figure out. However, the office could’ve been little bigger considering the number of interns and the clients that used to come in to the firm.

Else apart, maybe sometimes if one is lucky enough, one will have so much of work piled-on that it would be difficult to finish all of them at the required period of time.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

The more a person works, the more he get acceptance and love in the community he lives in.

The RK Dewan’s website is here.

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