Internship Experience @ PUCL, Jaipur: Visit to Session Courts, Labour Courts, Revenue Courts, High Courts

Internship People's Union For Civil Liberty, Delhi
Name, College , Year of  Study

Paritosh Shrivastava,  School Of Law DAV/Indore University , 3rd Year

Duration of Internship

21 days/3 weeks

22nd December, 2014 -11th January, 2015

Place of Internship

PUCL Jaipur

Address: 76, Shanti Niketan Colony, Kisan Marg, Jaipur 302015 Rajasthan India

E-mail: and

Website: Click HERE.

About the Office

The office was not a corporate one or commercial type but it was the home itself i.e. a bungalow whose ground floor was taken by PUCL on rent. One can find it difficult to locate the office because it is inside colony. Neither was there any sign board or name plate/board showing PUCL.

The office was full of interns that may vary from 10 to 40 interns or even more than that. The hall and 2 rooms were the place for interns to work and a computer room for the PUCL staff with a kitchen and toilet too.

If you take a bus you may get down at “Gatta on Tonk Road” and enter the colony from there.

For any of the intern meetings or sessions or discussions or lectures there were alternative places.

Alternative working place: Vinoba Gyan Mandir, B-190, University Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur-302015.

Application Procedure

One should apply well in advance i.e. 3-4 months before to get confirmation for appropriate dates of internship.

Application for internship shall be via e-mail on any of the email ids, and and should include your CV/Resume attached with a Cover Letter showing your interest to intern there.

One should apply for 4 weeks to gain full experience though I due to certain reasons got it short to 3 weeks.

“PUCL internship is best of the rarest experience”, that’s what I will say after completing 21 days of the internship. During this internship Kavita Ma’am (our IDOL) has taught us the most important part of life “DISCIPLINE and IMPORTANCE of TIME”.

First Day

There is no first day or last day!

My first day was really an unforgettable one and it was almost the same for all interns, the HEAD START was I got a loud scolding by Kavita madam. No introduction no excuse straight away scolding for being late by 15 min also some mismanagement due to our team leader and that was the day, I never dared to get late, argue, let any work go pending, make excuses, let the assigned work incomplete. Not a single time did I sit idle in the PUCL office.

I just entered my name in the office register of the PUCL, my personal details and within half an hour I got my first task which was to go for a survey.


Timings were not at all fixed but the reporting time was always between 8 – 9 AM and there wasn’t a fixed time to leave. If one finished the work given he could leave by 6 – 7 PM but work rarely  finished early and it went to 8-9PM and even extended to 10.

During night surveys we worked as late as 2AM but it was a lot of fun doing so in  winters.


PUCL did not provide accommodation for interns but in case of emergency or work as office is in bungalow there may be made some arrangements to stay. There are good PGs and Hostel available for boys and girls nearby office area.

We stayed at SRC which was best for boys and Krishna hostel too. Contact details of same and some more are:

PGs nearby- SRC Paying Guest House, Gatta, Near Petrol Pump, Tonk Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Main Tasks

At a NGO, there are lot of works, some are fieldwork and some are office work. First of all you are given a work by madam you dare never refuse it or alter it or exchange it. Though it is never but if given choice always take a work that is useful for your knowledge and career for which you are here.


You are given various copies of documents such as Court orders, survey form, details of case or PIL etc. to perform survey at various places like we were given to perform survey at Govt. schools and night shelters, rein-baseraas, Open/Khuli Jail, Aparajita(one stop crisis management centre after Nirbhaya case) and survey needs to be performed in the same way as instructed.

While surveying just keep in mind that you are a CBI/Police or any Agent with authority and you can ask anything and check anything important for survey and no one can stop you from doing it as your NGO has the court orders.


Then the formulation of report was not less than a tiring task as you have to gather the material and photographs and data regarding the survey done and then compile it with all your views and observations on the same day at evening before you leave so that all the points come in it.

The main task was formulation of report on each and every single task, work or session you have done or attended and it was to be done that day itself as because they were used in courts with intern’s name itself as with us, our survey reports were to be presented before courts by our Advocate Naina Saraf.


There were many sessions we attended at Vinoba Gyan Mandir our alternate place of work which were conducted by Judges, Police Officials, Human Rights Activists and various personalities:

Session By Hon’ Justice (Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur Bench) R.S. CHOUHAN  based on his life experience in Field Of Law as lawyer and judge, and madam was impressed by me for I raised a question to him regarding the “Post retirement jobs affecting the Independence of Judiciary” and “Appointment of Justice P. Sathashivam as a governor was a step towards it?”

A session on Right to Education.

Court Visits

Visit to Session Courts, Labour Courts, Revenue Courts, High Courts

Work Environment

Office environment was very friendly as all the interns were very helpful and cooperative and so was the office staff.

Also Komal ma’am was very helpful throughout the DATA FEEDING work, and was not as short tempered as Kavita ma’am.

Free time sessions were very healthy and we all spent quality time together.

Best Things

Working in groups and teams.

Visiting open jail and conversing with criminals and their family.

Late Night Surveys to map homeless and Nights shelters at various places in Jaipur.

If you have fear of new place or people, how to coordinate and manage with them like I had, internship at PUCL helped a lot.

Importance of human rights activists and such NGOS in society is clear.

Your attitude towards each and every aspect of society and the social issues will 100% change.

Really the kind of social work here done legally is a must in Indian Society and contributions of PUCL are valuable.

Heart Touching Experience

I had even suffered from a serious health issue of Bronchitis and some throat problem but Kavita ma’am granted me a day leave and also when I asked for the medical treatment of Nebulisation, madam made the arrangement at the hospital and I got the treatment in emergency and she also welcomed me to stay at her house.

She provided me with thermos flask for hot water which was really caring and affectionate. I really like ma’am, her nature, her boldness.

During night surveys we met many needy people who were not having shelter to sleep and there problems, way of telling us, I can never forget. Tears roll out remembering it.

Bad Things

The student’s coordinators or team leaders are a bit careless. Never totally rely on their instructions, remember you are interning under PUCL and not the team leaders.

Certificates are not given there itself, they are sent later. Some of my friends till now have not got the certificate though I was lucky to get on time.

What you did to chill

There was no time to chill there. I was lucky enough to get 2 leaves for the occasion of Christmas and New Year else the work was all the 7 days of the week.

Rest we used to surf during free time, do some mischiefs and office fun. But because main road was little far, there were hardly any places to chill.

But Jaipur is one of the best cities for touring, sightseeing so during your free time you can definitely explore MI Road, Palaces, Castles, Forts or Music and Light shows.

Biggest Lessons

If you are correct/right no one can do anything, no one is above you and Law.

Punctuality, Discipline, Hard work, Honesty would yield you fruit.

A total change in the way you view any issue related to Human Rights.

All due to our BOLD, STRICT but NICE GURU- Kavita Shrivastava and other staff too.


No Stipend, all the travel, accommodation and eating expenses are to be borne by you.

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