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Internship Experience @ PUCL, Jaipur: Research Work, Good Environment


Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Anushika Singh, Bharti Vidyapeeth, New Law College, Pune, 2nd year.Mail: anushikasingh88gmail.com

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Jaipur.

Application Process

Mail them your CV and a nicely written cover letter at [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

It was my first internship in the first semester of my college.

I worked there for 32 days.

I fell in love with place, the people, the kind of work.

It felt like this is something I always wanted to do. there are no fixed timings, you could be called anytime and asked to travel anywhere.

Let me remind you again, it’s not a place for couch potatoes.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

You enter into a home and not an office, they operate from a small place in Barkat Nagar, Jaipur.

When I first saw the office cum home, a thought striked my mind “do they really work here?”, eventually I got to realize that some of the most meaningful PILs are filed from this office.

There are many women stuck into worst of scenarios, get relief and a new life from this place. There a hundreds of people struggling for their basic rights and this is the place they get strength from.

The formalities are not much, just register your basics in the document file they provide.

Your work and real life experience starts when you meet Kavita Srivastava, the general secretary of PUCL, Rajasthan.

She is one dynamic lady I have witnessed in my life who works her arse off 16 hours a day for no materialistic gain.

You have a kitchen in the office where you can cook anything, just at the cost that you have to clean the utensils.

Main tasks

The tasks in PUCL vary from time to time.

The list of things I did included, visits to central women cell for the sake of patrolling their cases, visits to MSSK (Mahila Salah Suraksha Kendra) and learning their functioning, visits to Jaipur court, learning about the concept of lok adalat (as it was the national lok adalat week going on) which included conversations with the judges and petitioners.

We also went different sensitive areas of Rajasthan for election inspection (walking kilometers in the dries and ruins of Rajasthan, meeting people with an exemplary hospitality).

The work related to collecting information of night shelters in Jaipur city was also a learning experience as we framed affidavits for PIL to be filed in the related matter.

Over here, you might not learn something which would help you get into a corporate office, but undoubtedly it’s an experience for lifetime.

You get to know how law works at grass root level and do it even reaches there?

Have some sessions with Kavita Ma’am and it could turn you into a feminist for lifetime and teach men how to be a ‘Man’ in true sense.

Work environment and people

The work environment completely depends upon the bunch of interns you get. Mine was good.

Best things

The best things about PUCL is the kind of work you get. If you have a humanitarian bug bitten you somewhere, this place will ease your itching.

You get out of your comfort zone and face the true sense of life, you witness people struggling for their basic rights and you could even make up your mind to serve humanity and not help greedy MNCs to escape tax for rest of your life.

It’s an eye-opener, a must have experience. I would strongly recommend this internship to every fellow, not for the sake of polishing your CVs but to know that “we are needed”. To know the real value of of your life.

Bad things

You can be a victim of Kavita Ma’am’s temper. but then I have thousands of arguments favoring her in any of the case.

This place is for people who really want to work and not to just get a certificate.

There have been many, who could not bear it and left the place. If you work sincerely, this is the place you would love to visit once in an year (yes, it turned out to be something like that for me).


No  Stipend, the kind of experience you get over there is invaluable.

Biggest Lessons

“I was not made to find measures to comfort myself for whole of my life, there are other creations of Lord who need me more than I need leisure”

Any Other Thing

You can get many places to put up around Barkat nagar, PGs and hostels are easily available.

About the budget, I guess it would do in 7,000-10,000 grands inclusive of your fooding, lodging and other expenses (if you are not that live life king size dude or chic).

Every bit of Rajasthan is beautiful, you can explore the places around..the forts..the museums..the coffee shops, they all have some history and story attached.

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