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Internship Experience @ Pramd Kumar Baliyan, Dehradun: Truckloads of Practical Learning

By: User Submitted | June 23, 2016

Your Name

Harshit Singh Jadoun

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Pramd Kumar Baliyan (Sr. Advocate), Dehradun

Application Process with contact details

There was nothing like application process in this internship, being my hometown I just went up to the lawyer and asked for the internship and hopefully got it.

Duration of internship and timings

The exact duration of the internship was from 8th May to 18th June.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day of the internship went getting introduced to the work. There were 5 junior advocates working with him who guided me with the work.

There was an environment of government office but much more organized than that. Files were piled up according to the names of the cases which made the task easy for everyone to bring out the file when asked by the lawyer.

I could see a lot work to learn from paper work to clerical work up till learning the laws.

The infrastructure was impressive with three big rooms just outside the court at a distance.

Main tasks

The cases majorly were of motor vehicle accident (M.A.C.T) and help the victim get compensation from the insurance company.

Initially I was made to update the lawyer’s diary which consisted of cases and the new date which was given for the hearing of the case needed to be updated in the diary.

Later on I learned sending summons to the client for calling them up for on the date. Many more tasks were assigned to me as and when i kept on learning new things.

Work environment and people

Working environment was quite healthy and junior lawyers were helpful in guiding in every issue. I even shared free time with those lawyers over a cup of tea which was brought quite frequently in the office.

Starting from the clerk and up till the senior lawyers all were carrying experience of more than 15 years which itself was a benefit for me to work under them

Best things

The best things were that through this internship I came in contact with several other lawyers in the court during the time of hearing. It feels great when people start recognizing you in your field.

My lawyer had told me not to hesitate in doing any kind of work or interacting with anyone and be confident enough to keep your point.

The reality is really which the media shows to us. Lawyers are really very hard working and committed towards their client.

Bad things

Things that concerned me were that few judges were not punctual due to which hearings were delayed and victims had to suffer wasting their entire day of work sitting in the court.

Some of the other things that I noticed was that infrastructure of the court was not up to the mark similarly which is of our Indian Legal System.


No Stipend

Biggest Lessons

There were many lessons to be learned from this internship, starting from day one that one needs to be patient in proceedings of this court.

I learned that law is not only that we study from the text books but much more practical experience is required. There is no kind of senior or junior lawyers its only the experience which counts in the court.

More the connections you have in the practical world more will be the chance of your success.


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