Internship Experience @ PKA Advocates (Paras Kuhad) Jaipur: Research on Different Areas of Law


Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

PKA Advocates, Jaipur. The office had around 20 associates/ senior associates.

Application Process

I applied through contacts but the email id of the HR who handles internships is [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

1 December – 31 December

Office timings are 9:30 to 7:30 but the HR leaves around 7ish and most interns leave immediately after her.

Also, the interns are supposed to fill in the time at which they came and left office in an attendance register everyday.

The HR is very particular about attendance and office timings are strictly followed.

She won’t let you leave before the office hours unless there’s an emergency.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office is in Ganpati Plaza.

Since the office space is less, there are multiple offices within the complex for different tasks, so there is one tiny office for photocopying and printing, one where stenos sit and then there is the library and conference room.

The Paras Kuhad office is well-decorated and almost impressive, by Jaipur standards!

Since the office timings are 9:30 to 7:30, I reached the office at 9:30 on the first day.

There were few associates in the office at the time and we had to wait for about half an hour for the HR to come.

After the HR arrived, she called the new interns to her desk in groups of two and quizzed us about our interest in law, college, reasons for applying to the firm blah blah.

After the conversation with her, all the new interns were required to go to every associate’s desk to introduce themselves.

There is really less space for interns in the office.

Ten interns are required to share 6 computers, out of which only 4 were functional.

Throughout my Paras Kuad internship, I kept hopping from one place to another, (sometimes one office to another) looking for a computer.

Main tasks

The main task is research on different areas of law ranging from family law, criminal law, constitutional law to labour law, intellectual property and corporate law.

The interns are expected to prepare a brief note summarizing their findings at the end of their research.

The research work is good and the associates/ senior associates giving work always guide the interns throughout the process.

The interns are rarely asked to accompany associates to courts.

Work environment and people

All the people in the Paras Kuhad office are really warm and friendly, especially all the senior associates.

They explain the work properly and interns always get more than sufficient time to finish the task given, with the result that interns end up dragging the same work for days.

Interns are never asked to stay back after office hours (because all the associates themselves leave the office by 7 pm).

Best things

The quality of work is good and the entire office (including interns) gets tea and snacks in the evening.

There are a lot of good eating place in and around the office, including a Pizza Hut in the same building.

Bad things

Stipend Performance Based.

The firm generally does not give a stipend but they may do so if they really like your work.

From what I have heard, people got stipend upto 6,000 depending upon the quality of work.

Biggest Lessons

The Paras Kuhad internship could have been a great learning experience only if I had taken the work more seriously.

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