Internship Experience @ PK Kasliwal & Associates, Jaipur: Learn the Art of Communication

Intern Details

Prateek Jain

2nd Year, Seedling School of Law & Governance, Jaipur

Contact Details: p[email protected]

Name of Organisation and Location

PK Kasliwal & Associates, B-145 Mangal Marg, Kalyan Path, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur

Application Process

You have to send your Resume to [email protected] and you will get the reply within a few days and you can get all related details about the firm on their website.

Duration & Timings

Court Timings- 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and office Timings- 4 p.m to 7:30 p.m., which generally gets extended.

First Impression, First Formalities and First day

The very first thing was to meet Mr. Priyesh Kasliwal and fill a form which includes general details and then he referred me to Mr. Pradeep Kumar Kasliwal who gave me my first case after inquiring about my interest and the same happens with my fellow interns.

The office is well maintained with good infrastructure, there is availability of required books and legal databases like Manupatra and the most lucrative thing is kitchen and all time availability of coffee and snacks.

On the very first day I was assigned a file to work upon which includes making case note and finding relevant case laws.

Main task

Being a Second year student, I was asked to read the case files, find the relevant case Laws, which were supposed to be argued on the next day and then attend the hearing on the next day.

I was also supposed to submit a summary of the plaints which I was reading, Draft Notices and writes letter to the Parties related to their concern matters with proper information.

I was also supposed to do telephonic conversation with client for better understanding of their matters. I also did research in various matters under different subheads of law such as: Corporate Laws, Company Laws and Civil Laws.

Work Environment, People

The associates and lawyers at PK Kasliwal out there are very helpful and encouraging, they will clear all your doubts and problems that you face while completing your assigned task and the best thing is that Mr. Pradeep Kumar Kasliwal is always available there to solve your queries.

When you get to see a Income Tax case of crores being filed in your presence, you will obviously get fascinated towards the profession. Mr. Pradeep Kumar Kasliwal was a very nice and amazing person. I have come across not only during my internships but in my entire life and he treats with care and concern.

Best Things

The best things about the PK Kasliwal and Associates internship were the flexible timings and the way of working. Because students would be given freedom to work as per their convenience.

The main policy of firm allows the interns to focus on learning rather than pressurizing them to work day and night. The fundamental idea behind the work given to the interns was that they should learn not only what the law is but also focus on its practical application. This firm would definitely give you a reality check.


No Stipend

Biggest Lesson

One of the thing I learnt from Mr. Kasliwal is the art of communication. The way he treats his clients and communicates with them is spell bounding.

He is very friendly and approachable not only for his clients but also for his associates and interns. One thing that Litigation is lots of reading, hard work and experience. There is no way a lawyer can shy away from slogging.

Co interns and colleagues

My co interns were from HNLU, Amity university, Modi university. They all were very friendly and nice. We work together and discuss the legal points. At the office the work environment is never tense.

It is very comfortable and you will have all the facilities at your disposal. Amazing thing is that we have a lunch break too. We gossip together, chat and debates of current legal topics.


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