Internship Experience @ Phoenix Legal, New Delhi: Stipend of Rs. 5000 for 4 Weeks

I was interning for 5 weeks with Phoenix Legal.

The office is situated at the 2nd and 3rd floors of building no. 254 of Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III, New Delhi. They are also expanding to the first floor of the building, that makes the-to-be address Building No. 254 [1st-3rd Floor], Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III New Delhi.

I am studying in Delhi so I have a place to stay, those from outside the city can take up flats or PGs in areas like Lajpat, Moolchand, Govind Puri, Kailash Colony. These were the preferences of my co-interns. Govind Puri on the violet line of DMRC is the closest metro station.

The office timings are 9:30-6:30 (Monday-Friday). However, you might be asked to stay back if required. The area does not have many street lights, hence I had to take a cab on my way back.

You are also required to carry your laptop as they do not provide computer systems. In case you do not own one, they are kind enough to offer you an office laptop, subject to availability.

The experience would be rated as a 7.5 which is great according to me. It’s a growing firm and has a lot of potentials. The associates are friendly, approachable. The work is well explained and they are open to taking your doubts midway. They have a good business in place and individual members of the firm are doing very well and gaining recognition globally.

They have a good business in place and individual members of the firm are doing very well and gaining recognition globally.

To apply for an internship, please write a short cover letter and send it along with your CV two months before your desired date of joining to

You will get a response within 3 weeks.

Stipend: Rs.5000 for 4 weeks. The acceptance letter, however, does not disclose the amount as they reserve the right to adjust the payment as per your performance. (on the brighter side, nobody had been deprived of the payment while I was interning)

There is coffee/tea in their pantry that you can enjoy throughout the day. However, there are not many places to go and eat. It is advisable to carry your own lunch, as ordering daily might be quite expensive for few. The office staff is really helpful.

The overall work-environment is well balanced. There might be days you go crazy running around and working for many people during a given hour.

Some days might just be quiet. My only issue would be that you don’t get to interact with partners much.

They are the senior members of the firm and if only they were approachable the experience would have enhanced manifolds.

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