Internship Experience at PGA and Co, Chandigarh: Taxation Content Writing

Name, Current Year Of Study & College

Abhilasha Jaiswal, Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune

Name Of The Organization

PGA and Co. Charated Accounts

How did I apply? 

I made my profile on a website called As I was  interested in Legal writing and research, I applied using relevant filters  on their websites such as law, legal, blogging, and content writing. I applied to the Internships after regarding their job description and skill  set required. 

What Was The Internship About? 

It was a position of Taxation Content Writer for a CA Firm. The following were my responsibilities 

A) Weekly Newsletter of Important Case law from GST and Income Tax  for LinkedIn, E-mail, and Website of the firm. 

B) One Weekly Article for their Website 

C) Stipend Rs. 5000/p.m 

Skillset For The Role? 

1. Fair detailed working knowledge of GST and Income Tax.

2. English Proficiency (Written and Spoken) 

As I am a Qualified Company Secretary I had required legal knowledge  and as I was pursuing my Masters in Law then, I had a fair detailed idea  about Legal writing and research. Having a Computer and Internet  connection as it was an Online Internship. 

Recruitment Process 

I was asked to give a Write up on “GST and its effect on Small businesses  in India” within 2days. Passing which they asked my Mark sheets and  documents like Cancelled Cheque, Photo I’d for their records. 

What Made Me Get The Internship? 

I chose to write crisp, to the point, meaningful and unique content. I  made sure there are no grammar errors and also checked Plagiarism  before submitting my assignment. I did this throughout my internship  while submitting all my articles.

My Learnings 

A. I had access to paid subscriptions of resources like Tax Management  India, Taxmann which was an online library for me during the  pandemic (Duration was June 2020-Sep 2020) 

B. It was like getting paid for upgrading my skill set of Legal writing for  the digital platform (As you need to incorporate certain keywords for  more digital footprints, ensure the content is unique, usage of  Layman’s language, and not too much legal jargon) 

C. Prefer quality unique content cover plagiarized content. D. I developed the habit of reading Newspapers and use LinkedIn daily  to improve my skill set to keep up and keep track of the trends. E. While I was doing this Internship I could ever develop my network  over LinkedIn. 

F. I was highly motivated during the pandemic as I could have  productive usage time, fetch myself an Internship in tough times, and  get a little pocket money while learning. 

I just hope my experience would be helpful to readers. Happy Reading!!

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