Internship Experience @ People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Jaipur: Meet Social Activists, Field Visits

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID


Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Strength – 7

Application Process

An email saying your period of internship (be very precise and specific); the university you belong to; the course you are studying; and attach your CV and Writing Sample. This is to be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]

Send it 1-2 months before for the best chances of selection.

If selected you will receive a confirmation email from Kavita Ma’am (General Secretary of PUCL, Rajasthan).

Duration of internship and timings

11th May, 2015 – 7th June, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The PUCL office is located at 76, Shanti Niketan Colony, Kisan Marg, Jaipur -302015 [easily accessible by Google Maps]. The office is a rented residential place, but is well managed by ma’am herself. It is filled with files and files and office papers in shelves which are well sorted. One room is for the interns only which can accommodate 30 interns at a time.

On Day 1, you are supposed to write a letter stating your name; college; course; duration of internship; residential address of hometown; residential address of Jaipur while you are an intern (if you live outside Jaipur); contact details. Also you fill your name and contact details in intern register which is maintained at the office.

Main tasks

Tasks at PUCL vary depending upon the field work one did, but whatever the work, one has to submit a report of that particular work which comprises of complete details one was asked to collect during the work and other data asked and also give a feedback to Ma’am of the task.

Tasks would be more focused on field surveys only, namely, fact finding of a particular incident, survey of night shelters, court visits, survey of police stations and Mahila Salah Suraksha Kendra, Survey of panchayats about schools/NREGA/ other govt. schemes.

Alternatively there are Sessions arranged by Ma’am over topics like, Gender and Sexuality of Women; Judiciary and its loopholes; Women Security; Refugee Rights; Stereotypical mindset of humans. These Sessions are taken by different social activists who have been working in this field for years.

You also get chance to meet personalities like Ms. Aruna Roy, Mr. Yogendra Yadav and one meets actual champions of Human Rights when such Sessions are conducted.

Work environment and people

The work environment at PUCL is amazing, Ma’am is strict about work but very friendly and always there to help you. Then Pappu bhaiya and Kapil sir are the other members of PUCL always there in office and organizing the tasks for interns and available to help you.

Kamal sir is there for the field visits in villages and guides the interns about how to visit and what to do and other details.

Kavita Ma’am is the head of Interns, so she is the main incharge and she is amazing and always dedicated to give the interns a wide horizon of experience as her main motto behind enrolling interns from legal field is to make them sensitive about the downtrodden and encourage us to contribute something back to society.

The fellow interns at PUCL (always around 30, even more sometimes) are also friendly and Ma’am makes sure there is no gang in one team, so one gets to work with all the interns thus expanding our friend circle, and usually everyone is happy to help one another and by the end of internship you have one big group of friend who you work with.

Best things

The extensive field work and surveys one does during the internship as they make you aware of realities of life from different aspects and enhances the human inside us.

Different sessions conducted by social activists and how passion drives humans to work.

Working in different teams and learning from each other and the different perceptions of different people expandes your own knowledge about society.

Bad things

Fluctuating schedule and unstable work as each day one is assigned different work and different timings which one might not like or feels indifferent towards it.

Someday the work hours stretch to 15-16 hrs and at the end of it you are still supposed to submit the report of survey thus making it frustrating and tiring.


No Stipend

Any Other Thing

PUCL internship is less of actual legal work and more of recognizing the reality of legal work, and the tasks are more focused towards this realization, so one should not be disheartened by the fact that we are not doing legal work per se.

Use Public transport to its fullest while doing internship and get into the habit of 5-6 hours of sleep, especially if you stay far away from Tonk Phatak area of Jaipur.

Eat street food if you want to avoid carrying lunch box and get yourself prepared to be out comfort zone to do this internship.


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