Internship Experience @ PB Ramanujam & PB Balaji Associates, Advocates, Chennai: I could feel the law come alive

Stationed on the banks of a calm and quite residential area of Thyagaraya Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, at No. 31/22 Baghirathi Ammal Street, T. Nagar, Chennai, P. B. Ramanujam & P. B. Balaji Associates, is a beautiful liner for any student interested in learning the tones and shades of Civil Litigation.

This firm runs under the able governance of Mr. P. B. Ramanujam (P. B. R) Senior Advocate of the Madras Bar Association, a very knowledgeable and thoughtful lawyer, the Admiral of the vessel and his son Mr. P. B. Balaji (P. B. B), a very accommodative person, as the firm’s Vice Admiral.

The fleet is well equipped with quite a number of sharp Commodores and Commanders who keeps things running.

The office is well-systematized and has its remarkable presence both in the subordinate judiciary and the appellate judiciary of Madras Judicature.

It has a good collection of books and making it a good place for the little interns to groom themselves to be sharp in the game of lawyering.

The office is known for its diligence in the area of rent control and other areas of civil litigations. Mr. P. B. Ramanujam and Mr. P. B. Balaji have authored many books on rent control and are editors of many journals in Tamil Nadu.

Packed with a variety of clients from all the walks of life weekends are normally the busiest days of the week.

The office in the weekdays is normally occupied in court proceedings and allied matters from morning to evening. Office starts functioning from evening only although till then everyone would be occupied in court and chamber.

My mentoring there was quite full and complete. There were no limitations and restrictions as to whom you should work under. I worked with all the seniors there.

All were ready to teach you many things in those little moments they get in between their busy schedules of work at court. Every little piece of information was big lessons for me as an amateur in litigation field.

I didn’t find myself lost in the office due to lack of mentoring. I was directed as to what work should be done, how it should be done, and any doubts could be cleared at any time without any pressure or fear.

The only rule was that you ensure that you are not wasting time at office and court.

I found myself away from my phone involving myself completely into work although there were no restrictions as to using your mobile phone inside the office or at court.

During my brief period at the office, I was groomed to be a professional in civil litigation from my amateurish thoughts about Civil Litigation. I was put to feel the different walks of civil litigation.

I learned that practice in law could bring all those dead concepts to the law, which I learned at my law school, alive.

I could feel the dead concepts of the law coming alive blending into the problems of the clients, providing them with better hope in law for their cause. I was taught the basic skills required in filling, drafting, and consulting.

I was taught all this by my seniors with utmost patience and temperament in all the mistakes I committed. Their patience with little interns like me has to be much appreciated.

All the seniors were very down to earth and came down to my level and pulled me up to be enough better.

When you feel to chill take a break. Refresh yourself by talking to your co-interns and colleagues, surely not about work but a lot about how you are, what you like and all that you have learned which can make the place you are working better.

There are a lot of mingling colleagues in the office who would definitely want to know what you have to say and value your opinion.

At the end, there is nothing much monetary for you to cherish, however, you would have a nice bundle of memories to cherish.

The biggest lesson for me from P. B. R. Office was to advocate cause and not cost.

In toto, this office is the place for you if you wish to see your future as a good civil litigator.

Nothing is all good when someone learns litigation for the sake of it. If you are in a hurry to show in your CV that you have worked in a subordinate judiciary for the sake of your CV then it is definitely not the right place for you.

Overall 8.5/10

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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