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Internship Experience @ Panasonic India: IP Work, Excellent Work Environment {S}

By: Prajoy Dutta | October 19, 2015

Name, College, Year of Study:

Aritra Mazumdar [KIIT Law School (4th Year)]

Name of the Organisation. City:

Panasonic India.

Mehroli Gurgaon Service Road, Heritage City, Sector 25, Gurgaon, Haryana.

Application Procedure:

Students wishing to apply for the Panasonic India internship program can contact Mr. Ragghu Tandon.

He heads the legal division of Panasonic India.


This was a four week internship.


Since I’m a resident of Delhi, I stayed at home. However, there are plenty of PG accommodation options available in Gurgaon.

Main Tasks:

The Panasonic India internship is mainly a research based one with a major focus on IP law.

Work Environment, People:

Excellent work environment.

The entire team at Panasonic India is very chilled out yet professional.

Best Things:

Since I have a keen interest in IP Law, the comprehensive research based internship at Panasonic was the best thing for me.

I got to learn a lot about IP law and Trademark law.

I’m sure this will have a very good impact on my career. The Panasonic India internship is a must do for IP law enthusiasts.

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